Ferran Adrià in Stockholm to Speak About Innovation, Food and art: elBulli Restaurant Becomes elBulli Foundation

By Stiftelsen Kokkonst And Visit Sweden, PRNE
Monday, June 20, 2011

STOCKHOLM, June 21, 2011 -


- Ferran Adrià, the World’s Most Famous
, is Coming to Stockholm to
Give a talk on his new Bellwether for Innovation,
and art - the elBulli Foundation
- at Moderna Museet, on the 27th of

“The man who changed the way we eat” is the subtitle of the
official biography on Ferran Adrià. The world’s most famous chef,
whose restaurant is located on the coast north of Barcelona, has
not only moved the gastronomic epicenter of Europe from France to
Spain, he has also created an entirely new way of thinking about
and creating food. He has been called the Mozart or Picasso of our
time - for granting food a new cultural status, giving Spain a new
identity as food destination, as well as creating a unique model
for innovation and creativity.

Despite millions of people queuing for a table at elBulli, the
chef Ferran Adrià, announced that 2011 will be the very last season
for the restaurant. On July 30th, it will close forever as a
restaurant. It will reopen again in 2014, but then as elBulli
Foundation, an organization entirely dedicated to innovation.

We are honored that Ferran Adrià is interrupting his intense
work schedule to come to Stockholm. On June 27, he will introduce
and expound on his plans for the elBulli Foundation. The talk will
be followed by a conversation between Ferran Adrià and the former
director of Tate Modern, Vicente Todoli, along with leading
contemporary artists Carsten Höller, Rirkrit Tiravanija, Elaine Tin
and Tobias Rehberger as well as the writer Bill Buford. The
talk will be moderated by the director of Moderna Museet, Daniel
and the curator Jan Åman. After the talk Vicente Todoli
will present a preview of the film “Documenting Documenta”,
featuring Ferran Adrià and the artist Richard Hamilton. The film
was written and directed by David Pujol with the participation of
Vicente Todoli. It will premiere in January 2012 but participants
will get to see a sneak preview of the work-in-progress.

The event will be the starting point of a Swedish initiative on
innovation through food - Stiftelsen Kokkonst - with the objective
of creating a long-term platform in Sweden for the international
discourse on innovation, food and art.

For further information, please contact Antonia Stubbe at
modinåkerlind: href="mailto:antonia@modinakerlind.com">antonia@modinakerlind.com.

For further information, please contact Antonia Stubbe at modinåkerlind: antonia at modinakerlind.com,

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