FIFA 11 Launches Free 'Ultimate Team' Mode

By Tesco Entertainment, PRNE
Monday, November 15, 2010

LONDON, November 16, 2010 - 'Tis the season to be a FIFA fan. First came the release of chart-topping
game FIFA 11
(, which
was widely hailed the best football game ever. Now comes the free release of
EA's Ultimate Team' mode, where players can handpick their dream squads from
an impressive catalogue of over 8000 footballers from across the world.
Available for download as of today, 'Ultimate Team' is jam packed with new
features, especially requested by fans.

This latest mode is expected to prolong the incredible buzz of excitement
around FIFA 11, which continues to top gaming charts in the UK and score
record breaking European sales figures. Since it's EU release in October,
this challenging multiplayer football game has taken markets by storm,
selling over 2.6 million copies in under a week. This makes FIFA 11 the
biggest sports game launch of all time, beating its predecessor FIFA 10 to
the title.

With Christmas just round the corner and countless stockings to be
filled, these impressive figures could be just the beginning. As reviewers
heap praise on this new production, we see FIFA 11 expanding its appeal far
beyond teenage boys to parents and girls as well. Brighter, bolder and more
colourful than ever, FIFA 11 has been praised for achieving what the previous
games never quite have - the perfect balance between realism and fun.

Using cutting edge Personality+ technology, this edition captures the
playing styles of the world's best footballers with more accurate detail than
ever before. What is more, the game incorporates a brilliant function called
ProPassing technology, which considers factors like skill, situation and
urgency to determine the accuracy of a pass.

But despite this range of impressive state of the art features, FIFA 11
has a lighter, funner appeal for less hardcore footy fans. For example, the
Wii edition takes players to the four corners of the world where they can
challenge opponents in atmospheric settings complete with authentic sights
and sounds. Worth every penny, FIFA 11 is hours worth of guaranteed fun.
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