Wahanda: Find the Fountain of Youth with these Wahanda-ful Sea Treats

By Wahanda, PRNE
Thursday, June 2, 2011

LONDON, June 3, 2011 -

Captain Jack is back and hunting for the Fountain of Youth in Disney's
new blockbuster 'Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides', but you don't
need the Fountain of Youth to look ten years younger, say Wahanda.

As 'Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides' sails onto
our screens this week, fans of the franchise are eager to follow the trials
and tribulations of the charismatic Captain Jack Sparrow. In this latest
instalment, the motley crew are on the quest to find the Fountain of Youth, a
seemingly impossible task that will lead them to their doom.

Thankfully, Wahanda.com (www.wahanda.com/) has made it
a much simpler task to harness the power of the sea and capture that highly
sought-after youthful complexion, with beauty treatments and spa breaks.

As the UK's largest spa and wellness directory with offers and
reviews in over 70,000 spas, salons and holistic centres throughout the UK,
as well as Beauty and Spa Gift Vouchers (
www.wahanda.com/the-wahanda-gift-voucher/)which are redeemable at over
700 destinations nationwide, Wahanda.com won't make you walk the plank in
your attempt to find your treasured treatment.

Here are the top three anti-ageing sea themed treatments
available through Wahanda:

30% off Hydrodermabrasion in London (
ealing/) at Hydro Healing - Say hello to a radiant and more youthful
complexion with this hydrodermabrasion facial which rapidly releases tiny
droplets of water onto the skin's surface, removing any undesirable layers,
while a high air pressure jet infuses oxygen for improved circulation and
vitality, leaving you glowing. Never have the powers of water worked so well
both internally and externally, to purify, replenish, balance and revive.
From GBP59.50 for 60 mins.

Lava Shells Massage, (
www.wahanda.com/treatment/lava-shells-massage/description/) Nationwide
- This hot body massage uses recycled, polished Tiger Clam Shells from the
which heat internally to give a deeply comforting, relaxing
experience. Opt for a Lava Shells tummy treatment to help strengthen your
pelvic floor muscles and act as a non-invasive colonic, or give the Lava
Shells Therma Facial a try; the combination of massage, heat and Spa Find
products work together to naturally tone and firm the skin. From GBP50 for 60

Micronized Marine Algae Body Wrap in Surrey (
www.wahanda.com/place/grayshott-spa/menu-prices/) at Grayshott Spa -
Rich in minerals, vitamins and micro nutrients, this marine algae wrap
activates circulation, increases metabolism and detoxifies the body. As
minerals play a part in the correct water balance of the body, your skin is
shore to see the rejuvenating benefits of this special sea treat. GBP75 for
65 mins.

What is Wahanda?

If the Internet had a speed dial button for health, beauty and wellness,
Wahanda would be number one. Wahanda is doing for wellbeing what Amazon did
for online retailing - providing an intuitive and easy-to-use website to
learn about treatments (everything from acupuncture, facials and massages to
Pilates, nutrition and personal training), share ratings and reviews, and
book the hottest deals, gifts and offers from the most comprehensive listing
of spas, salons, studios and fitness centres across the globe, all with the
simple click of a mouse. Wahanda was named in ELLE's top ten beauty websites
2009 and FabSugar named Wahanda best UK beauty website 2009. Wahanda is a
Native American word that means "The Great Spirit & Creator".

Contact Information: For further information on any of the above contact: Harriet Warwick or
Lucy Hilson at The Spa PR Company, T. +44(0)20-7100-7018 E. harriet at thespaprcompany.com / lucy at thespaprcompany.com

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