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By Bt Office, PRNE
Monday, April 19, 2010

POOLE, England, April 20, 2010 - Selecting office furniture (www.btoffice.com/) that is flexible
has the potential to save an organisation money, maximise use of space and
make the work environment more efficient.

The dynamic work environment of today often requires work spaces to be
adaptable. Allowing work stations to be easily rearranged for meetings, to
accommodate new staff members and to make space for new pieces of technology
are just some of the reasons why this is important.

Organisations with a high staff turnover will also benefit from flexible
office furniture.( www.btoffice.com/) Office chairs
(www.btoffice.com/office-chairs) and desks that can be effortlessly
moved around or 'resized' will enable a seamless handover between old and new

Try buying office desks (www.btoffice.com/office-desks/) on
casters or wheels for ease of movement - allowing instant rearrangement of an
office layout for meetings or to accommodate new staff.

Ergonomic office chairs (www.btoffice.com/office-chairs) are a
great investment for businesses with high staff turnover - these chairs can
easily be adjusted for the comfort of new staff members in a few minutes. The
clever features will also ensure your new staff members are not moaning about
back pain or other aches and strains.

Height adjustable office desks (www.btoffice.com/office-desks/)
might also be on the furniture shopping list - the desks can be adjusted for
taller or shorter people - perfection if one of your employees is as tall as
Michael Jordan, and the other is more Danny Devito!

BT office furniture has over 15 years experience in office furniture
(www.btoffice.com/) retailing. With a selection of height adjustable
office desks, ergonomic office chairs and other adjustable pieces of
furniture at great value prices you can be confident that they can help you
maximise the effectiveness of your work space.

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BT Office Furniture is a national, privately owned company founded in
1994 which supplies and installs office furniture in the UK. BT Office has
concentrated on providing great value for money without compromise on quality
and service. Their furniture portfolio includes executive ranges that cover
both contemporary and classic designs. For orders and queries please call
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