Fork Lift Cabs From ukBMB Help Productivity Soar in the Workplace

By Ukbmb, PRNE
Monday, December 6, 2010

LONDON, December 7, 2010 - ukBMB, leading manufacturers of fork lift cabs have launched an amazing
series of products which can result in a significant increase in productivity
in the workplace.

Fork lift trucks (FLTs) are familiar vehicles in many businesses around
the UK and are often considered indispensable. They play an increasingly
important role within the workplace moving heavy loads safely and enabling a
reduction in manual handling. The number of FLTs in use in organisations has
risen as management look for increased efficiencies and safer working

With increased use of FLTs come several issues that can affect
productivity on site. Changing weather conditions for example can often halt
a project, losing employers time and money. As we enter what is forecast to
be another wet, cold winter, companies who operate FLTs will be aware of the
potential lost man hours that bad weather can bring. Fitting aukBMB fork lift
cab www.ukBMB.comcan increase productivity by allowing FLTs to work in
the bad weather keeping the driver warm and dry. ukBMB can also supply fork
lift cab heaters so that the truck driver can continue to work in the cold -
no more down time due to cold, bad weather.

From reinforced double stitched fork lift canopies of the highest
quality, to strong solid steel cabs, ukBMB specialises in a wide range of
tailored accessories to exactly suit its customers' needs which can be found

ukBMB's screens and weather guards are a particularly good investment
when conducting outside work. Designed and manufactured to the highest
quality, all seams are double stitched and reinforced for additional strength
and durability. All canopy components are secured in place by a combination
of heavy duty Velcro, Zips, High Impact Magnets and Awning Strip Attachments
ensuring safety and endurance.

Ensuring all equipment meets rigorous health and safety requirements is
another issue. Fork Lift Truck Driver safety is often compromised by the
addition of a DIY cover added to the trucks overhead guard. The DIY cover
will typically be made from packing material, wrap film, duct tape etc. This
type of cover WILL obscure the lift as soon as it passes the drivers eye
level. The only way for a driver to see the lift will be to lean out of the
protection given by the overhead guard, leading to a potentially highly
dangerous situation.

ukBMB's range of fork lift cab kits found at (
at just GBP89.00 for a PVC Top Cover, which has a clear "UVC" stabilised
section that allows a clear view of the lift and so eliminates such
potentially dangerous situations.

All ukBMB's products are designed with safety and longevity in mind. An
investment in ukBMB's products helps to combat future problems and can save
you time and money, increasing productivity and efficiency without
compromising on safety.


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