GAMAX Management Brings European Institutional Investors Innovative Products, a Low Volatility Approach and one of the Most Successful Fund Managers in Germany

By Gamax Management Ag, PRNE
Sunday, October 16, 2011

MUNICH, October 17, 2011 -

The portfolio management of the GAMAX Funds is provided by Munich-based fund manager DJE Kapital AG, one of the leading independent asset managers in German-speaking Europe. The strategies used by Dr. Jens Ehrhardt focus on an active, low-volatility approach to investing with the aim of generating returns that consistently outperform broad market indices but with lower volatility.

The current international market environment is prompting investors to turn their attention not just to performance but also to the volatility with which these performances are generated. When it comes to successful investing in equities but keeping volatility to a minimum, DJE Kapital AG, the portfolio manager for the GAMAX Funds (all UCITS Funds), has what is perhaps the best track record of all, across all market cycles. The funds are pure equity products but the lower volatility and reduced risk profile are not the result of an absolute return strategy or generated via “alternative strategies” delivered in a UCITS vehicle - they are instead produced through great stock picking and strong asset allocation decisions.

The performance of the GAMAX Funds Junior (ISIN LU0073103748/ WKN 986703) and the GAMAX Funds Maxi Fund Asia International (ISIN LU0039296719/ WKN 972194) are impressive and underscore the resilience and skill of the manager.

Both funds were able to outperform their respective benchmarks while maintaining lower volatility. As an example, the results of the Junior fund, since DJE became investment manager in October 2007, are a remarkable +2.86% with 12.03% volatility while in the same period the fund Benchmark lost -21.05% with 16.35% volatility (as at 30-09-2011). They also provided investors with excellent three year performances returns of 28.33% and 21.88% (as at 30-09-2011), placing the funds at the top of the Morningstar Rankings in their respective categories at European level.

With this track record, the management of GAMAX AG saw an opportunity and decided to open distribution to other European institutional customers, those outside of Germany and Austria - the markets where the company was founded and has been active to date.

At the beginning of 2011, initial expansion targeted Italy and Spain where early results are very encouraging with the next step to selectively develop further markets. Furio Pietribiasi, Chairman of the Board of Directors, explains: “At present we see interesting opportunities in the UK and Scandinavian markets, especially for a company like ours with innovative services, excellent track record and whose low volatility approach is in demand.  Our investigations into these markets are ongoing however we could become active there in the coming months.”

About GAMAX Management AG

GAMAX Management AG was founded in 1992 and its corporate headquarters are located in Luxembourg. Since 2001, it has been part of the leading Italian financial services company Mediolanum Banking Group. GAMAX Management AG offers a targeted range of investment funds, the GAMAX FCP fund range, consisting of two Global Equity funds with unique underlying strategies, an Asian Equity fund and a Global Bond fund. The company manages a total of 500 million euros for customers in Germany, Austria and Italy.

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