Becomes the World’s First Horoscopes Portal to Launch 2012 ebooks

Monday, November 14, 2011

AHMEDABAD, India, November 15, 2011 -

- Astrology giant provides annual horoscope reading for all the zodiac signs for the year 2012, India’s #1 and World’s #3 horoscopes portal has launched 2012 ebooks titled as “YOUR ZODIAC HOROSCOPE 2012″ thus becoming the World’s First Horoscopes Portal to launch 2012 Yearbooks in the ebook format. The complete set comprises 26 ebooks (1 combined and 12 individual zodiac signs each in English and Hindi languages). The books are also available as print-on-demand from

EBooks are the highest selling category in the US markets since February 2011, as per data released by Association of American Publishers. has also confirmed this stating that kindle books are outselling paperbacks since some time now. has been successful in converting astrology into an internet based business since its launch in 2003 and this is one more progressive step in that direction.

Announcing the launch of the ebooks, Hemang Arunbhai Pandit, MD & CEO said, “ is the world’s first horoscopes portal to launch its ebook on  2012 zodiac forecasts. It is available on Amazon Kindle, android/iOS and while print-on-demand is available on Besides forecasts for career, finance, love, etc. for all zodiac signs in 2012, the ebook also includes forecasts for major countries like USA, UK, India, China, Russia, Japan, Pakistan and celebrities in sports, politics, business and entertainment. A completely new angle on the 2012 doomsday forecasts is also included as a bonus section.”

Yearbooks were in the domain of general interest publishers who used to engage individual astrologers to generate content and publish hard copy books till today. has broken this trend and is targeting USD 100,000 from the sale of ebooks during this financial year. It plans to grow the books business at 50% YOY in the coming 5 years.

Officially proclaimed as successors to the astrological legacy of Bejan Daruwalla, is #1 in India and #3 Astrology portal globally. Since 2003 it has served a million+ clients with accurate guidance and trustworthy services. It gets more than 1.6 million visits online and serves more that 1.2 million calls every calendar month on its premium rate call centres. It also owns the world’s first horoscopes radio - which attracts 100000+ monthly listeners generating 1.8 million minutes of listnership.

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