Getting Rid of Toothache Root Canal Treatment

By European Society Of Endodontology ese, PRNE
Sunday, September 11, 2011

CARDIFF, Wales, September 12, 2011 -


- Most Common Myths Uncovered

According to an Emnid survey, beautiful teeth are very important to 81¬†percent of the 2,000 people surveyed. Yet each year millions of teeth are extracted, often unnecessarily. And most people are not aware that their teeth could be saved - with a modern root canal treatment. “Unfortunately, there are still a lot of false rumours out there,” representatives of the European Society of Endodontology (ESE) stated in an interview. These are the most common misconceptions:

Root canal treatment is torture

Whether any dental treatment hurts depends on the anaesthetics; these are always available and can be easily provided. This is no different for root canal treatment or a routine filling.

Root canal treatment kills the tooth

Although the nerve tissue and infection inside the tooth is removed, it does not affect the durability of the tooth. The preservation of a tooth protects the other teeth and jaws, as well as chewing ability - and can maintain a nice smile. If maintained with good oral hygiene and dental care, the root filled tooth will last for years.

Teeth become brittle

The structure of the tooth remains unchanged. However, the loss of tooth substance, before and during a root canal treatment, necessitate that a proper coronal restoration is performed. Therefore the tooth subsequently may require a crown or partial crown.

Low success rate

When root canal treatment is performed according to defined treatment protocols, studies show that survival rates of over 90 percent can be reached. As a prerequisite, the dentist must be appropriately qualified and there must be sufficient time available since a root canal treatment can often be a lengthy procedure.


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