New Cupid Survey Results May Instigate a Boom for Dentists

By Cupid Plc, PRNE
Sunday, November 13, 2011

EDINBURGH, Scotland, November 14, 2011 -

Online dating pioneers Cupid Plc have just completed a highly anticipated survey of its members that reveals once and for all: what do people really care about on your dating profile? It revealed some exciting insights into the minds of its members which Cupid hopes will help ensure all budding daters stand a better chance of meeting that special someone in the future.

The study questioned more than 30,000 men and women from around the globe who are active in Cupid’s vibrant community as to the specific details of what they look at and what they don’t look at when they first see a dating profile. asked both men and women from a full spectrum of age ranges, as well as those who had been on the site for increasing lengths of time - from less than one week to more than a year - as well as those who use their paid and their free service, in order to get the impressions of a representative Cupid group.

The highlights of the results are as follows.

  • A great profile picture is essential - 41.53% men and 50.34% of women all chose this as the first thing they look for.
  • The most unattractive thing for a man (a majority of 30% agreed) in a woman’s profile picture is when the picture looks too professional - it makes them think it’s just an advert for something less salubrious.
  • Women don’t like men with bad teeth. 40.12% of women surveyed agreed that this is the most unattractive thing a profile picture can show. So get to the dentist pronto men!
  • 20.87% of men and 19.09% of women over 30 agreed that location was the next most important thing on a profile picture, including 27 % of all fee-paying members, which suggests that the older and more serious you are about dating the more practical you are about it.
  • Older people don’t care for chat up lines - only 5.31% care about them, while 18-30 year olds love them (29.15%), even more than they care about location.
  • Both men (13.28%) and women (14.66%) agree that the use of a picture that just has an ex cut out of it, leaving half a face or an arm in the shot for example, is a major turn off.

With this information Cupid hopes to ensure their members remain the best-informed, most comprehensively serviced and above all happiest daters online.

For full detailed results please visit Cupid Plc blog.

Since it burst into the online dating industry in 2005, Cupid has built a base of over 34 million members in 39 countries and is now a strong proud market leader offering an enormous range of features capable of satisfying discerning daters from around the globe.

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  • Cupid has built a base of over 34 million members in 39 countries.

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