GlycoVaxyn to Host Second Annual Science Day to Discuss Challenges and Opportunities in Vaccine Development

By Glycovaxyn Ag, PRNE
Tuesday, June 14, 2011

SCHLIEREN, Switzerland, June 15, 2011 -

GlycoVaxyn AG, a leader in the development of conjugate
vaccines, today announced that it will host its Second Annual
Science Day to discuss challenges and opportunities in vaccine
development on June 16-17, 2011, in Cannes, France.

“A number of serious bacterial diseases still lack vaccines
while antibiotic resistance is growing and the costs for vaccines
development is increasing,” said href="">Philippe
Dro, CEO of GlycoVaxyn. “Setbacks in vaccine development, most
recently with Staphylococcus aureus, highlight the
challenges facing the vaccine industry and public health
professionals.  Our science day provides a forum for industry,
regulatory and academic thought leaders to address today’s
challenges and discuss solutions and recent developments in
vaccines. This is our second annual science day, following a very
successful event last year.”

GlycoVaxyn’s Second Annual Science Day will include
presentations from prominent speakers from the vaccine industry
from both sides of the Atlantic.  Topics will include recent
developments in glycoconjugate technology and the current
state-of-the-art of meningococcal and staphylococcal vaccines. A
copy of the agenda can be found at href="">
Second Annual Science Day.

About Conjugate Vaccines

Conjugate vaccines are largely used to prevent important
invasive bacterial diseases such as bacteraemia (bloodstream
infection), pneumonia, and meningitis, with the market leader
achieving nearly USD3.7 billion in annual sales in 2010. Conjugate
vaccines are produced by linking a bacterial sugar antigen to a
carrier protein. The current process used to develop and
manufacture marketed conjugate vaccines is very complex, variable
and expensive. GlycoVaxyn’s novel technology allows the synthesis
of complex immunogenic bioconjugates in a biological process in E.
coli rendering both development and production significantly
shorter and more controllable.

About GlycoVaxyn

GlycoVaxyn is developing a portfolio of novel bio-conjugate
vaccines against common severe bacterial infections produced with
its unique, proprietary in vivo glycosylation platform. With
this platform, the company can develop and produce immunogenic
glycoproteins in a simplified biological process that circumvents
many of the challenges and uncertainties involved in currently used
methods. In addition to the clinical stage Shigella vaccine,
lead programs in preclinical stage are aimed at the prevention of
hospital acquired Staphylococcus aureus infections, as well
as pneumococcal invasive diseases and meningococcal group B
meningitis. For further information, visit href="">

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