Wimdu Secures Investment of $90 Million From Kinnevik and Rocket

By Wimdu Gmbh, PRNE
Tuesday, June 14, 2011

BERLIN, June 15, 2011 -

  • In the Past 100 days, Wimdu has Become the World’s Second
    Largest Community Marketplace for Private Spaces
  • More Than 10,000 Unique Apartments in Over 150 Cities Around
    the World, and a Team of 400 Employees Working in 15 Offices

Rocket Internet and Kinnevik have invested $90 million in Wimdu
following their prior success with companies such as Groupon /City
Deal and Zalando. Wimdu is a new social marketplace that pairs
adventurous and discriminating globetrotters with unique properties
and interesting hosts to create extraordinary travel experiences.
The website allows anyone to list, find and book private spaces on
any budget. Properties may range from a budget-conscious room for
rent in New York to a luxurious penthouse in Paris or a sailboat in
Seattle. The rapidly-expanding company, which emphasizes traveling
like a local, is a fresh alternative to existing competitors.

Wimdu’s website href="www.wimdu.com/">www.wimdu.com currently
features over 10,000 private accommodations in more than 50
countries. The company has grown quickly to expand its global reach
and outpace competition-its 300 properties in Sydney are just one
example. The open platform allows anyone to list their space for
free, be it a room, an apartment or a house, and invite travelers
from around the world to come stay with them. Wimdu manages the
booking and payment processes online, making it easy for guests to
design their travel experiences and efficient for hosts to manage
reservations. The benefits are many; hosts can earn extra cash
while providing travelers with a unique perspective on their
hometown. Individual spaces and valuable insider tips allow
travelers to experience their destination like a local - hence the
slogan “Travel like a local”.

Rocket Internet and Kinnevik are known for having invested in a
considerable number of successful internet companies, such as
Groupon/City Deal and Zalando. “We are pleased to be working with
some of the most renowned European investors,” says Wimdu’s Global
CEO and co-founder, Arne Bleckwenn. “This collaboration allows us
to make use of a worldwide network and to draw on country-specific
expertise, thereby propelling our business towards success,” adds
Russell Goldman, head of US operations.

About href="www.wimdu.com">www.wimdu.com: Wimdu is
a global marketplace for all types of accommodation, uniting
travelers and hosts from around the world. Wimdu has been launched
in eleven languages and operates throughout Europe, Asia and the
Americas. Along with the opportunity to list and search for private
spaces, the platform also provides destination information
including travel tips and virtual guided tours. The founders
include serial entrepreneurs Arne Bleckwenn and Russell

Contact: Nikola Guenther | Wimdu GmbH |
+49(0)176-99-54-68-78 | href="mailto:presse@wimdu.com">presse@wimdu.com


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