GoldenSource RiskHub to Help Financial Firms Achieve a Holistic View of Market, Credit, Liquidity and Counterparty Risk

By Goldensource, PRNE
Sunday, October 31, 2010

RiskHub Delivers Accurate, Integrated and Traceable Data for More Transparent and Timely Risk Management

LONDON and NEW YORK, November 1, 2010 - GoldenSource, a provider of data
management solutions for risk mitigation, today announced RiskHub, a suite of
products to help risk professionals implement highly automated, timely and
cost effective risk management strategies. With firms pushed to increase
transparency of their risk and data governance and meet more stringent
regulatory requirements, GoldenSource RiskHub provides a flexible and highly
controllable framework for linking risk applications and the internal and
external systems that supply them with data.

"New regulatory directives such as Basel III and Solvency II increase the
demands on current risk and data management practices, and firms can no
longer afford to have an incomplete picture of risk across business lines,"
says Mike Meriton, CEO of GoldenSource. "Companies must look at the
foundation of their risk governance and integrate all risk-relevant data to
stand up to a higher level of scrutiny, achieving the transparency into
positions and transactions, customers and counterparties that investors and
regulators demand."

Optimized to work with existing risk management systems, RiskHub can
cover all major types of risk and asset classes. It allows event-driven
synchronization of information between systems for reporting and corporate
governance requirements, managing inputs for risk calculations, and
evaluation of risk exposure.

"While growth in the sophistication of analytics has been a boon to risk
management techniques the bigger issue is getting the right data at the right
time and on a consistent basis," says Rodney Nelsestuen, Senior Research
Director, TowerGroup. "This is where the value of a framework, or
architectural approach, to the orchestration of internal and external data,
in concert with analytics, can deliver a true firm-wide understanding of

GoldenSource RiskHub maps information from any internal or external
source in a consistent manner to the format required by risk applications. It
centralizes and maintains accurate and auditable data in a risk-optimized
information warehouse. Risk and compliance officers have direct access to
market, counterparty, position and reference data from a single, standardized
repository across all product and risk classes, without issues associated
with silo based reporting by providing front to back transparency within a

Using its built-in visual data mapping tools, RiskHub can be configured
for use with market-leading risk applications, and includes expert
customization services to meet the needs of clients' integration
requirements. An optional add-on to RiskHub, RiskMonitor provides an
additional layer of data visualization and business intelligence. Providing a
user friendly front end RiskMonitor enables firms to take advantage of both
preconfigured views of data, and to develop firm specific views as required.

About GoldenSource

GoldenSource makes it easy to manage critical reference and market data.
We offer an integrated Enterprise Data Management (EDM) platform for the
securities and investment management industry.

Our innovative products are designed to create, maintain and distribute a
trusted golden copy. Our unique data model covers all financial instruments,
customers and counterparties, and extends to transactions and positions. The
ability to connect, organise and aggregate trusted information reduces risk,
drives better decisions and helps our customers achieve their goals.
GoldenSource solutions are used by forward-looking banks, brokers, investment
managers and service providers to reconcile tactical departmental goals and
strategic enterprise objectives.

A proven supplier of on premises EDM solutions to the world's largest
financial institutions, GoldenSource also powers managed data services via
the innovative Powered by GoldenSource(TM) program.

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