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Sunday, February 6, 2011

LONDON, February 7, 2011 - It's fair to say the Google Nexus S ( hasn't set the world alight,
but why is this? The handset is an outstanding example of beautiful design,
the hardware is as up to date as any other Android devices currently
available especially the Samsung Galaxy S ( and unlike the Nexus One,
Google's latest variant of the Nexus does have some major advantages over its

The Pure Google software experience means there is no manufacturer
presence on the OS and shows exactly how great the Android operating system
is. Also running full Gingerbread 2.3, the Nexus S ( really does sit on the cutting
edge of mobile OS.

With this in mind the Nexus S has generally seen less sales then its
non-identical twin, the Galaxy S ( So why is this? We believe
the answer is deal strength. However, as of today the Nexus S gets the offers
it deserves. ( has the Google Nexus S
( free on tariffs from as low as
GBP25.54 per month! Here's a list of the best tariffs and discounts we offer.

Orange (

GBP25.54 per month. This gives you 300 Minutes, unlimited texts and 500
MB of data. With this tariff you can just enjoy the handset with no more work
to do at all. Click here for the best deals Nexus S (


If 300 minutes isn't enough you can get the Nexus S with 900 Minutes,
unlimited texts and 6 months free line rental giving you an effective cost of
GBP26.80 per month. This requires some redemption work but well worth it!

T-mobile (

You may have noticed the Orange Tariff might not suit your data needs so
if you want it all T-mobile ( is definitely
the network for you. 900 Minutes, 500 texts and unlimited web browsing with
an effective monthly cost of 26.81 per month. This is including 6 months half
price line rental through redemption. This saves you an GBP210 versus our
previous offer on this tariff.

These offers are available now! We hope you'll agree that these discounts
combined with one of the slickest Android handsets should tick all the boxes
and then some. Visit to see the Nexus S best deals
( our full range of tariffs and
discounts for the Nexus S and keep checking the blog for updates on anything
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