Health Care Excel Selects Tagetik 3.0 Enabled by Microsoft Sharepoint

By Tagetik, PRNE
Monday, April 5, 2010

Tagetik's Flexible Multi-Platform and Microsoft's Sophisticated Technology Empower a Highly Collaborative Budgeting Environment

STAMFORD, Connecticut, April 6, 2010 - Tagetik, a global provider of Performance Management,
Financial Governance and Business Intelligence software solutions, announced
today Health Care Excel, Inc. has selected Tagetik 3.0 Enabled by Microsoft
SharePoint for their budgeting and planning needs.

Health Care Excel, Inc. is a private, not for profit
corporation established to promote the effective, efficient and economical
delivery of health care services and operates under contracts awarded by
Medicare and Medicaid. Health Care Excel is recognized as one of the most
experienced health care utilization management and quality improvement
organizations in the United States. HCE needed a budgeting and planning
solution that was flexible and easy to use and allowed them to handle
software upgrades and maintenance internally. After evaluating a number of
niche players, they chose Tagetik for its revenue, expense and payroll
planning capabilities along with its ability to manage the complexities of
their allocation cycles.

HCE also chose Tagetik because it allows budget managers to
enter forecasting information, enables them to set and monitor financial
targets, and is able to provide an income statement and balance sheet at any
month within a fiscal year, as selected by the user. "Tagetik 3.0 was best
able to meet our forecasting needs which included the ability to manage
'event based' and rolling forecast requirements, as well as incorporating new
business pricing and bids into the forecast," said Kim Courtad, Director of
Financial Services at Health Care Excel. "In addition, Tagetik 3.0 Enabled by
Microsoft SharePoint allowed us to leverage our prior investment in Microsoft
technologies, as keeping costs down is a primary objective across our

"This is an exciting new customer for us. Tagetik 3.0 Enabled
by Microsoft SharePoint is able to support a wide range of markets and
deliver a complete solution for customers like Health Care Excel-most
importantly with a low cost of ownership and without major investments.
Companies, therefore can count on Tagetik 3.0 Enabled by Microsoft SharePoint
to be a solution that supports all key financial processes and can maximize
the collaboration capabilities and full power of Microsoft business
intelligence," explained Mark Corsetti, Vice President and General Manager of
Tagetik North America.

"Tagetik - recognized as a Microsoft Certified Partner - has experienced
a rapid growth in the last few years, supporting the company's ongoing global
expansion strategy. Tagetik 3.0's seamless integration with Microsoft
SharePoint and Business Intelligence Platform is our answer to increasing
market demands", added Manuel Vellutini, Chief Operating Officer at Tagetik.
"Today's CFO need a highly collaborative software to communicate goals and
deadlines with teams, share information, manage complex financial processes,
and analyze data across all the enterprise. Many of our customers benefit
from powerful features to flexibly model pervasive budgeting and forecasting
processes that extend financial data visibility to underneath drivers and
numbers, thus understanding underlying business assumptions. In this way,
companies can translate strategic plans into operational activities - from
production to HR and sales departments - and align the entire organization in
executing the planned strategy."

About Health Care Excel, Inc.

Health Care Excel, Incorporated (HCEI) is a private, not-for-profit
organization that provides proven health care solutions that enhance the
quality, accuracy, and efficiency of its clients' services. Incorporated in
1974, the organization was established to provide clinically based,
objective, and independent monitoring of quality, appropriateness, and
medical necessity of health care services. The HCEI corporate headquarters
are located in Indianapolis, with locations in seven other US cities,
including Ohio.

About Tagetik

Tagetik delivers a unified software solution to support Performance
Management and Financial Governance plus extended Business Intelligence,
Collaboration and Communication. Tagetik 3.0 creates value by simplifying
complex business processes for CFOs and CIOs: budgeting, planning and
forecasting, consolidation and reporting, financial governance, strategy
management, profitability modeling, working capital analysis and
compliance/industry requirements. Tagetik 3.0 is the solution to translate
strategy into operations, manage and control overall performance down to
business transactions, and improve decision-making across the whole
organization while achieving faster ROI and lower total cost of ownership

Tagetik operates in 13 countries leveraging a close partnership with
Microsoft. Its market experts are totally committed to the success of 400
worldwide customers, including some of the largest Fortune 1000 companies and
representing all industries, as well as to foster synergies with system
integrators, technology leaders and local consulting specialists. To learn

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