HELEX Q1 2010 Financial Results

By Hellenic Exchanges Sa, PRNE
Sunday, May 16, 2010

EUR9.8m net After tax Profits

ATHENS, Greece, May 17, 2010 - The consolidated net after tax profits of HELEX in the first quarter of
2010 amounted to EUR9.8m compared to EUR5.8m in the corresponding period last
year, increased by 69%.

The results of the first quarter do not include a provision for the
additional tax burden due to the "extraordinary social responsibility tax"
imposed on businesses with Law 3842/2010. The company estimates that the
total burden on the 2010 results will be approximately EUR8m.

The consolidated turnover of the Group increased by 50%, to EUR19.2m vs.
EUR12.8m in Q1 2009.

This increase is due to the 74% increase in revenue from clearing in the
cash market (EUR5.8m in Q1 2010 vs. EUR3.3m in the corresponding period last
year) as well as to the increase in revenue from stock trading in the cash
market by 68% (EUR3.7m in Q1 2010 vs. EUR2.2m in Q1 2009), due to the
extremely low volume of transactions in Q1 2009 which in turn was due to the
international financial crisis.

The total value of transactions in Q1 2010 amounted to EUR12.2bn vs.
EUR7bn in Q1 2009m a 75% increase, while the total volume of transactions
(number of shares that changed hands) increased by 33% in Q1 2010 compared to
Q1 2009 (2.3bn shares vs. 1.7bn shares).

The operating expenses of the Group were significantly reduced in Q1
2010. In particular, operating expenses before depreciation amounted to
EUR5.3m vs. EUR5.7m in Q1 2009, reduced by 7%.

The Group's EBIT amounted to EUR12.2m, a 103% increase compared to Q1
2009 (EUR6m).

The net profits per share in Q1 2010 amounted to EUR0.15 vs. EUR0.08 in
Q1 2009.

HELEX's financial statements are posted on the Company's
website (www.helex.gr).

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