How Can Air Assets be Utilised in Irregular Warfare?

By Defence Iq, PRNE
Tuesday, October 11, 2011

LONDON, October 12, 2011 -

With greater emphasis now being placed on countering irregular threats, as seen in both Afghanistan and Libya, it is vital that both air power doctrine and airborne platforms are modified to better operate against irregular forces and support the warfighter on the ground.

The 2nd Annual Air Power in Irregular Warfare conference ( will focus on modifying platforms and doctrine to improve the quality of air power in irregular conflict. The conference, held at The Aviator, Farnborough from 28th - 29th November 2011, will also provide insight from the UK experience in Afghanistan. Op HERRICK 13 - the Royal Irish Regiment and the Army Aviation Corps will discuss the limits of aviation deterrence in ground-based ops, the use of air power as a force multiplier and the difference between precision strike and precision effect.

Additionally, hear multinational feedback from recent operations in Afghanistan and Libya from NATO partners and find out about the USMC’s experience with its new “roll-on/roll-off” Harvest Hawk gunship capability for the KC-130, and contrast the utility of this platform with dedicated AC-130 gunship assets operated by US AFSOC.

Air Power in Irregular Warfare has an expert speaker panel, including:

  • Colonel Steven Wiggins, Chief of the AFSOC Strike Requirements Division, US AFSOC HQ
  • Colonel Onno Eichelsheim, Operational Policy and Defence Planning, Helicopter Branch, Royal Netherlands Air Force
  • Lieutenant Colonel Paul Tennant, CO 3 Regt AAC, British Army
  • Lieutenant Colonel Colin Weir, CO 1st Battalion, Royal Irish Regiment (CO Combined Force Nad e Ali (South), Op HERRICK 13), British Army
  • Major Richard Ongaro, JTAC Instructor, Joint Helicopter Command, HQ Land, UK MoD
  • John Maheffey, Senior Scientist, Command and Control Systems Division, NC3A

Plus, take advantage of a dedicated workshop day on Monday 28th November which will address fixed wing aviation in irregular warfare and the ethics of the use of airpower in counter-insurgency.

For more information on Air Power in Irregular Warfare, to be held from 28th - 30th November 2011 in Farnborough, please download the full conference brochure. Alternatively, please visit the Air power in Irregular Warfare website

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