Delivering Effective Training to Meet Increasing Demand and Operational Complexities

By Defence Iq, PRNE
Thursday, December 15, 2011

LONDON, December 16, 2011 -

Having proved their utility in a multitude of theatres around the world, Unmanned Air Systems are rapidly becoming an integral part of modern military operations. With a multitude of solutions being procured and deployed by militaries around the world, the challenges associated with unmanned systems are gradually becoming less technology-centric.

Directors and operators of UAS Training and Simulation  from both military and industry will be coming together to provide expert coverage of the latest training issues facing UAS pilots and payload operators, whilst providing increased focus on ways to improve simulated environments and insight into the challenges associated with developing training for miniature and tactical UAS.

Bringing together senior leaders and those at the forefront of the industry from both military and the private sector (

One of the main keynote speeches on day two will be given by Captain Brick Billing, Project Director for Land Force Family of UAV Project, Director of Land Requirements from the Canadian Defence Forces and he will be briefing delegates on “The Canadian Army Family of UAV Program: Understanding the Requirement and Its Impact on Training.

In addition, from the Italian Air Force, Colonel Pasquale Di Palma, Director, Italian Centre of Excellence for UAS  will brief on - Unmanned Operations In The Italian Air Force: Training Requirements and Implication of Sorties In North Africa:

  • Bringing the Predator B online: Levels of pilot readiness and training differences between Predator B and existing Predator A+ assets
  • Bringing operational lessons into training: Feedback from sorties in support of Operation Unified Protector
  • Assessing the continuing challenges of delivering sufficient training to meet the demands for UAV pilots
  • An overview of future capabilities and requirements for Italian UAV training for 2012

Furthermore, the event has attracted major industry primes and will provide an opportunity to network with senior military personnel.

The full UAS Training and Simulation programme is available to download from the event website:

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The UAS Training and Simulation conference will be held from 27th-29th February 2012 at Chelsea Football Club, London, United Kingdom - the conference programme is available for download at

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