How to Get Ahead in a Recession: Hult International Business School Launches its Executive Track for One-Year MBAs.

By Prne, Gaea News Network
Sunday, April 26, 2009

LONDON - Hult International Business School, the world’s first global business school, has launched an Executive Track program to help place MBA graduates into competitive jobs even before they enter the MBA program. The school’s Executive Track program will take one year MBA candidates who demonstrate the strongest professional capabilities and fast track them with corporate mentors, career training, company visits and professional seminars.

Hult’s President, Dr. Stephen Hodges, says, “The top concern that any MBA has is finding a good job upon graduation. In today’s shallow job market, employers are looking for business degree holders who are well prepared, nimble, and cooperative in a team environment. To that end, we are hand-picking the highest caliber students before they enter our intense one year MBA program, and streaming them into this special Executive Track where employers will be able to carefully evaluate them as potential employees during the year.”

To qualify for the Executive Track students will go through a rigorous selection process. Up to fifty of the most promising admitted students for Hult’s incoming September MBA class will be flown, all expenses paid, to London for a day of intensive assessments. The day will include psychometric tests, mock-interviews, team exercises, and a dinner with the School’s leadership team and local corporate executives.

Robin Nurse, Head of Hult’s Career Services and Corporate Development says, “This Executive Track gives the most qualified MBA candidates a head start towards finding a job even before the MBA program begins. Employers are just as excited about this as we are since it makes their recruiting process more targeted.”

Hult, which started life as the first corporate university in the United States, places a strong emphasis on delivering a practical business education. The majority of its faculty has spent years in industry as well as academia, ensuring that students learn concrete skills that apply to real companies. Dr. Stephen Hodges explains, “The Executive Track program fits perfectly with the school’s mission to provide an enduring and practical business education that our students use on the job from Day One.”

Hult International Business School ( offers MBA programs in Boston, London, Dubai and Shanghai. Its MBA degree is well ranked by both the Financial Times and the Economist.

Source: Hult International Business School

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