IDENTEC SOLUTIONS Bites into New Mining Solution

By Identec Solutions, PRNE
Tuesday, October 11, 2011

LUSTENAU, Austria, October 12, 2011 -

IDENTEC SOLUTIONS, a member of IDENTEC GROUP, announced today a ground breaking addition to its mining solution portfolio.  The newly released system, dubbed “i-GET” was developed to address both a safety and billion dollar mining industry challenge.

The i-GET solution essentially monitors the GET (Ground Engaging Tools) the large, steel “teeth” that are affixed to the bucket of mining diggers.  The GET are consumable wear components that are designed to penetrate the earth while also protecting the bucket hardware from damage.  However, serious problems can arise when GET break off.  In the event a GET contaminates a truck load of ore and is tipped into the crusher it can jam and significantly damage the crusher or be violently ejected and potentially injure onsite personnel.  Extraction of a GET from a crusher is exceptionally dangerous while the repair of damaged equipment can take days.  Estimated to cost the mining industry between one to five percent of total production each year, broken GET are a multi-billion dollar problem.

To address this industry challenge, IDENTEC SOLUTIONS, in partnership with Encore Automation, developed the world’s first “intelligent GET” - a technological breakthrough in the real-time, wireless sensing.

Inside each GET or “tooth” a small encased micro-size sensor is placed.  All sensed data is processed by the solutions i-GET software. In the event a tooth breaks off from the digger, the i-GET software issues a real-time alert via a visual cue to a screen in the digger operator’s cabin as well as other infrastructure to inform management and operations of the event.   Once the operator receives an alert, the digger with the damaged GET ceases work, the damaged GET is retrieved and mining operations recommence.

The return on investment can usually be realized in a matter of days.

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