iForce Nutrition Brings Bodybuilding Star to UK Expo

By Predator Nutrition, PRNE
Thursday, May 19, 2011

BRADFORD, England, May 20, 2011 - US sports nutrition giant iForce Nutrition has arrived in the UK ahead of
the BodyPower Expo in Birmingham, with rising bodybuilding star Dusty Hanshaw
flying the flag for their products.

IForce enjoys widespread distribution of its sports supplements
(www.predatornutrition.com/) through UK-based Predator Nutrition. This
weekend, at the Birmingham NEC, the two companies will be showcasing products
like iForce's flagship pre-workout booster, Maximize, with Dusty Hanshaw in
attendance to show just what can be achieved through its use.

This week the imposing presence of Dusty Hanshaw made a big impact when
he paid a visit to Predator Nutrition's Bradford city centre store and he was
in buoyant mood ahead of the Expo.

He heaped praise on the UK approach to bodybuilding, saying: "What I see
in the UK competitors is that here the bodybuilders get in better shape, a
lot leaner, the way it should be. I feel I would fit in better here than I do
at home.

"I think at home the amateur bodybuilders tend to fall in love with the
scale and want to come in at a certain weight, so they're not as lean as they
should be. Whereas here, everyone is just in shape. I mean really, really in
shape. They just don't get enough press in the US to have the impact when
they come over."

He added: "Here, people look at me funny walking down the street, whereas
nobody pays attention to me at home!"

The BodyPower Expo brings together the great and the good of the UK
bodybuilding industry to discuss new innovations and products that are
helping athletes to achieve their goals.

Predator Nutrition's reputation in the industry is impeccable, thanks to
the hard work and dedication of former British American Football star Reggie
, who founded the company in 2008.

He explained the importance of the BodyPower Expo to his company and
hailed the new deal Predator Nutrition has just signed to become the official
distributor of Omega Sports products, adding another string to a bow that
already includes the likes of iForce Nutrition.

He said: "BodyPower is the UK's largest event for our industry and we
look forward to it immensely every year.

"This year's event comes at a great time for us, having just agreed our
deal with Omega Sports. We are delighted to be able to offer our loyal
customers a vastly increased and improved product range, as well as an even
deeper wealth of knowledge and expertise, thanks to the resources of Omega

He added: "We will be showcasing some hugely exciting new products at
BodyPower and we can't wait to meet up with old and new friends to show them
what we've been up to over the last 12 months."

Dusty Hanshaw's presence at the BodyPower Expo will give many aspiring UK
bodybuilders a taste of what they can aim for, but the man himself is looking
forward to an exhibition in a country that is not as complacent about
bodybuilding as his homeland.

He said: "The goal of this time is for me to enjoy the difference. One
thing we see in the States is that we're spoiled there, in that the Expos are
constant and the athletes are constant, so it's not that exciting for
anybody. They come to your booth and want something free. They say thank you
and that's it.

"Whereas here, from talking to some of the people here, they are
passionate about what they're doing and they want to know how it works. It
seems to me - and this is from the outside looking in - the passion for the
process of the sport might be bigger here."

He added: "I get on some of the UK bodybuilding boards just to follow
along because to me the guys are getting it. There's a reason why they are so
in shape because that's how it works."

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