Image Source Founder Christina Vaughan Launches everywoman's Modern Muse - A Major Initiative Designed to Inspire and Engage the Next Generation of Female Business Leaders and Entrepreneurs

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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

LONDON, December 2, 2010 - Image Source ( ) Founder and CEPIC
President, Christina Vaughan (, as part of the
Everywoman team launches Modern Muse, a major initiative designed to inspire
and engage the next generation of female business leaders and entrepreneurs
by showcasing successful women of today in all walks of business life.

Karen Gill, MBE, Co-founder of everywoman said, "The UK is
suffering from a female 'role model' shortage, yet there are thousands of
wonderful women in differing roles and industries, from diverse backgrounds
and education who can demonstrate the range of exciting career options that
many girls don't even hear about. Younger women today tend to have a strong
focus on celebrity role models and we want them to be exposed to a much
broader canvas, to women who have built businesses or are working in major
organisations, whose lives are equally glamorous in very many ways. Britain
is a great place to nurture talent and showcase diversity. Now is the time to
put out a powerful call to action that will create the momentum to make a
real and sustainable difference to young females in the UK."

The Modern Muse project is setting out to reach one million
young women and girls over the next 3 years, to inspire and motivate them to
look at business careers and entrepreneurship as a way to achieve their
dreams. This project will help this group to aspire to a career in business
by communicating stories of real women whose experiences encompass ambition,
passion, success and failure; showing that business is fulfilling and can
also be fun and rewarding.

Modern Muse is launching with the publication of a book and a
photographic exhibition which shines a spotlight on 100 inspirational women
who are all vibrant, successful entrepreneurs and business women,
personifying the 'Modern Muse'. Their stories will encourage and inspire
young women and girls to follow in their footsteps.

Christina is one of 14 patrons that include such high profile
individuals as Chrissie Rucker MBE (The White Company), Dame Mary Perkins
(Specsavers Optical Group) and Judy Craymer (producer of Mamma Mia!). The
patrons are photographed by Mary McCartney, who was inspired by her mother
Linda McCartney, herself a pioneering businesswoman.

These Muses will undertake practical activity in their own
workplace and local community; nurturing existing female talent, taking the
Modern Muse story to schools and universities, creating more opportunities
for women to start, own, run and grow companies, as well as climb the ladder
as corporate employees.

"It is vital that we motivate the next generation to embrace
business and carve out fulfilling lives for themselves", commented Christina.
We are calling on all women who share our vision to sign up as a Modern Muse
at where they too, can get involved in the
project. I got involved because I am only too aware that there is such a fine
line between success and failure, inclusion and disenfranchisement, hope and
despair. It sometimes takes just one word, a sign or a symbol of hope, to
change the direction and opportunity in a young person's life. Life can be
like 'Sliding Doors' and I would like to ensure that the enormous opportunity
that I have encountered in my life has a positive cascading effect on those
around me."

Notes to Editors

About everywoman

Founded in September 1999 by Karen Gill and Maxine Benson,
everywoman is an organisation dedicated to the empowerment, inspiration and
support of women in business in the UK. With 40,000 members and growing, it
is the UK's largest female business community - the online community and
offline network are hives of activity, contact-building and business debate.
Events, training and awards programmes are designed to educate, inspire and
support both those women who have already started their business journey and
those who have yet to set off. everywoman's ambition is to become the world's
largest and most influential female business network, inspiring generations
of businesswomen and championing their cause, talents and prospects on a
global scale. Karen and Maxine were both awarded the MBE in January 2009 for
services to women's enterprise. For more information, please visit:

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