Independent Research Firm Includes SAGE SA in "Hot Banking Tech Companies To Watch in 2010: Q2 Update" Report

By Sage Sa, PRNE
Sunday, September 5, 2010

LAUSANNE, Switzerland, September 6, 2010 - An independent research firm has included SAGE SA in its "Hot Banking
Tech Companies To Watch In 2010: Q2 Update" report.

SAGE is a financial technology firm that develops banking solutions. Its
flagship product, Prospero, is a suite of nine separate software modules that
cover all aspects of financial operations, including asset management, wealth
management and fund administration.

In its July 2010 report, Forrester Research, Inc. describes technology
companies that are addressing challenges in key banking industry processes.

The report notes that financial institutions are attempting to correct
and change their business models in response to market challenges, and
describes 11 vendors that are providing innovations in key banking industry
processes, such as risk management and asset management.

According to the report, "the evaporation of nearly 20 percent of the
wealth of high-net-worth (HNW) individuals put new pressures on wealth
advisors." Many of these firms are now looking at how technology could help
them better serve their high-net-worth clients.

The report went on to say that "SAGE's Prospero provides global and
regional money management firms with an easy-to-deploy solution that
accelerates the time-to-value with minimal effect on their IT shops."

In particular, the report recognized SAGE for tackling two big challenges
for its target audience: "the first, the challenge of integrating multiple
applications from multiple providers, complicated by the second, the time and
expense of customizing myriad apps to address firm-specific process,
workflow, and reporting requirements."

SAGE's CEO, Jean-Luc Freymond, believes that current market conditions
have changed the rules for software vendors. "Regulations are becoming more
complex, and cost pressures are increasing," Freymond says.

According to Freymond, SAGE addresses these changes by offering
innovative solutions at minimal costs. "Prospero is different from other
systems because it offers a smooth rollout, simplified management of complex
financial products and regulatory requirements, and total integration between
modules-all within a cost-effective pay-per-use model," continues Freymond.

"We believe that only the systems that can offer this combination of
features will succeed in today's marketplace, so our recognition by Forrester
is very encouraging," Freymond adds. "We believe it shows that SAGE is ahead
of the game."

The full report and system overview on Prospero can be downloaded at

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