Ingenuity Systems and Covance Collaborate to Support Next-Generation Sequencing Research

By Ingenuity Systems, PRNE
Tuesday, February 22, 2011

REDWOOD CITY, California, February 23, 2011 - Ingenuity(R) Systems, a leading provider of information and analytics
solutions for life science researchers, today announced a research
collaboration with Covance Genomics Laboratory ( for
next-generation sequencing (NGS) data analysis. Covance Genomics Laboratory,
a leading provider of genomics solutions for the drug discovery and
development industry, and Ingenuity will work together to develop new and
novel approaches, using Ingenuity's IPA(R) software, to obtain more
actionable insights from NGS data and to answer research questions in a
relevant biological context.

This collaboration brings together leaders in genomics data production
and analysis to develop new methodologies that integrate high-quality NGS
data with industry-leading knowledge generation and management tools. By
working together to generate the next generation of biological interpretation
tools, Covance Genomics Laboratory will have the unique ability to help its
pharmaceutical clients maximize the value of their investment in NGS
technologies. IPA relieves the NGS data analysis bottleneck by providing the
biological context necessary to move past the long noisy lists of genes,
isoforms, and variants, helping to uncover those that are most critical to
biology. This enables researchers to quickly get to the intended high-value
results of biomarker identification, target ID and validation, understanding
drug mechanism of action, and safety assessment.

"We're delighted that Covance has selected IPA for its NGS workflows,"
said Doug Bassett, Ph.D., CSO and CTO, Ingenuity Systems. "We've been
involved in several NGS collaborations recently, and our partnership with
Covance, a leading drug development services company, represents another
powerful validation of IPA's value in the NGS space. It is exciting to see
IPA being used to accelerate and inform so much groundbreaking research."

Having run more than 450,000 samples to date, Covance Genomics Laboratory
provides end-to-end services for genomics-based development research and has
demonstrated particular expertise in NGS. "The complexity of next-generation
sequencing data can be a challenge to translational science and medicine,"
stated Tom Turi, Vice President, Science & Technology, Covance Discovery &
Translational Services. "We're confident the combination of our best-in-class
genomics data and the high-quality biological content and context provided by
IPA will result in the delivery of more rapid, accurate, and thorough
research services for our customers."

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