On Your Nails, Get Set, Go! Nail-Designer.com Fires the Starting Gun for Do-it-Yourself Fingernails

By Nail-designer.com, PRNE
Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Use Nail-Designer.com to Individually Design Self-Adhesive Nail Wraps

MUNICH, February 23, 2011 - The newest trend in the fashion industry is self-adhesive nail wraps.
Whether it's Lady GaGa, Rihanna or Katy Perry - those who want to stand out
in Hollywood are now decorating their fingernails with colorful nail
stickers. The wraps are becoming increasingly popular in this country too.
nail-designer.com, the world's first online provider of self-designed nail
wraps, has made things even more interesting: Creative, trend-conscious
individuals can now let their imaginations run wild and design their own
wraps exactly to their liking.

A wide selection of colors, various motifs and texts are available for
the creative hobby nail designer. Images of a loved one, for example, can
also be uploaded onto the website and placed on the nail wraps. But there is
also something that will suit those who prefer to use existing designs:
Aficionados of colorful nail decorations can choose their favorite designs
from over 200 predefined templates. From there, it's just a simple click on
'order now', and one to three days later, the wraps are in the mailbox.
Putting them into place is a breeze. The wraps are simply glued onto the
nails, fitted over the fingertips and filed back to the desired length. A
clear coat of varnish can then be used to seal the wraps if required.

Christian Doberschuetz, founder and CEO of nail-designer.com, is looking
forward to encountering some creative minds: "Our nail wraps are incredibly
diverse. The pumpkin motif, for example, is a real eye catcher at Halloween,
or the retro look which rounds off the perfect outfit for an 80s party. Since
anyone can design them as they like, individuality is always guaranteed.
We're already looking forward to many great creations, which we'd then like
to make available in a gallery for other enthusiasts."

The nail wraps are available in a set of three different sizes for
6.90EUR at www.nail-designer.com.

About nail-designer.com:

On nail-designer.com, the world's first provider of self-designed nail
wraps on the internet, users create nail stickers exactly to their liking.
It's possible to choose between different colors, images, texts and even
upload pictures to design an endless array of individual creations. The wraps
are produced via a web-to-print format. Once the designs have been selected
on the computer screen, they are printed using a special process and then
shipped. The price for a set of nail wraps in three different sizes is
6.90EUR. Individuality and creativity are the core concepts at
nail-designer.com. Due to their ease of use, the wraps can be swapped to suit
any occasion or mood. For more information, visit:

Press Contact: Jasmina Luchs, Tel: +49-30-2576205-15,

Press Contact: Jasmina Luchs, Tel: +49-30-2576205-15, presse at nail-designer.com

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