Innovative Fuel Cell Power Generators by Tropical

By Tropical S.a., PRNE
Thursday, May 12, 2011

ATHENS, Greece, May 13, 2011 - Tropical, a fast-growing enterprise manufacturing fuel cell systems
(power generators), announced the TB-1000 and TB-5000, two portable fuel cell
power generators, providing 1000W and 5000W electric power respectively at
12/24/48V DC and at 110/230V AC. Tropical's fuel cell systems are
light-weighted, small-sized, zero-emission and require minimal maintenance.

Tropical's fuel cell systems can be used as back-up power systems for
telecom systems, seismographs and meteo stations, as power chargers for
caravans, motor yachts and boats, in military applications, demonstration
projects, renewable energy hybrid systems, as well as for educational
purposes at universities, research centers and schools.

TB-1000 and TB-5000 are powered with stacks provided by Ballard Power
Systems, the FCgen 1020ACS (air cooled systems) and the FCgen 1300 (water
cooled systems), that provide high power efficiency, reliability, increased
runtime operation and are noiseless.

Tropical's new product line has been recently presented at the 17th
Hydrogen and Fuel Cells Fair in Hannover, Germany, the world's largest annual
industrial fair that attracts 6,000 exhibitors and 200,000 visitors and
raised strong interest. The Hannover Fair puts a major spotlight on product
innovations, industry trends and the latest advances in R&D.

Mr. George Kaplanis, CTO of Tropical, said: "Tropical looks into the
future of power production, in cooperation with Ballard Power Systems,
providing to the world market a product line of fuel cell power generators
for a wide range of applications. The intelligent controller, developed by
our R&D team, is behaving tremendously well in all field trials. Our new
product line is on the right time for this growing market."

About Tropical ( Tropical S.A. owns a
product portfolio of more than one hundred products integrating its own
technology in two main product lines: a) the A/C units, refrigeration units
and cooling boxes for buses, vans, trucks, trains, army vehicles and various
customized vehicles and b) the fuel cell power systems operating with
hydrogen, methanol, natural gas, lpg or biofuels for scooters, cars, boats,
buses, etc. Tropical is certified by TUV HELLAS for the design and production
of fuel cell systems and is a member of the mi-Cluster, the first and largest
innovation cluster in Greece, supported by Corallia (
and exceeding today 140 organizations.


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