PSA Peugeot Citroën Unfolds the Teleangue/World Speaking Network Blended Learning Solutions to Train English to Over 10 000 Employees in 25 Countries

By Telelangueworld Speaking Network, PRNE
Wednesday, May 11, 2011

97.3% Student Satisfaction Rate According to the 1st Annual Assessment

LONDON, May 12, 2011 - PSA would like English to become the official work language of the group,
to facilitate trade between its international subsidiaries. In order to train
10 000 employees in over 25 different countries all in three years, PSA chose
the Telelangue/World Speaking Network Blended learning solutions.

This choice was based on the company's ability to implement a global
training project that meets the group's requirements of efficiency and cost:
Train more students on the same budget, personalize the learning route based
on the learner's profile, and ensure a simplified management system in
multiple locations with guaranteed results. If the desired level is not
reached, Telelangue will offer free retake courses.

Customized programs that guarantee results

In April 2010, Telelangue launched a variety of training courses
consisting of 120, 80 or 60 hours. These combine self-learning programs,
customized e-learning CyberTeachers (R), tutoring by phone, group workshops
and a virtual classroom module to prepare for the TOEIC (R).

"In less than a year, 3,800 employees have started a program specific to
our expectations, <<confirms the PSA, Director of Training and Recruitment.
"we notice great results, especially the level of interactivity in the
CyberTeachers (R) platform."

Simplified instructional engineering and 100 professionals ready to start

A dedicated Project Manager is appointed to establish and monitor the
program. He uses the online automated management tools to help facilitate the
process with: a custom language audit to personalize the program, a choice of
218 specializations, an online lesson reservation platform to schedule
telephone courses, a quality questionnaire automatically sent after the
session in order to adjust if necessary and a reporting tool for the training

A team of 100 teachers is designated to PSA with a coaching service
operating internationally (Europe, America, Australia, Africa).

About Telelangue/World Speaking Network

Telelangue/World Speaking Network is Europe's leading distance language
trainer (300 000 trainees, 15 000 companies, 40 locations, 800 employees).
The pioneer of telephone courses in 1981 and the creator of Blended-Learning
solutions in 1997, Telelangue is also a language school with over 600 native
teachers. The company has won numerous awards, including the Hermes European

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