Ixonos’ Test Laboratory Certified as the First Authorized MirrorLink Test Lab in Europe

By Ixonos, PRNE
Tuesday, November 29, 2011

HELSINKI, Finland, November 30, 2011 -

- A Leap in the Development of Sophisticated In-vehicle Connectivity Solutions

Ixonos’ test laboratory has fulfilled the requirements defined by the Car Connectivity Consortium (CCC) and is conditionally approved as a CCC Authorized Test Laboratory. Ixonos can help car and electronics manufacturers to accelerate the entry to market of their new MirrorLink-enabled products by assuring that they fulfil the strict criteria set by the CCC. For manufacturers interested in utilizing the momentum of the new MirrorLink technology, Ixonos functions as an enabler, delivering significant reductions in time to market and R&D costs. To consumers, MirrorLink conformance guarantees seamless compatibility of their chosen phone and car model with one another.

Ixonos’ experts have been working with MirrorLink™ technology for the past 2 years already, developing solutions for seamless connectivity between smart phones and in-vehicle infotainment systems. A member of the Car Connectivity Consortium since last June, Ixonos has become an integral contributor to the development of sophisticated in-vehicle connectivity solutions. “Being heavily involved in the consortium and in MirrorLink development as well as having state-of-the-art test laboratory facilities and competence for thorough SW, HW and mechanics testing means the CCC certification was a logical step for us,” says Damien De Maya, Manager, Customer Operations, Automotive & Home, from Ixonos.

Ixonos’ role as a MirrorLink Authorized Test Laboratory (ATL) means it can officially test and certify that car and phone manufacturers’ products meet the requirements defined by the CCC. The clientele for MirrorLink conformance and IOP testing comprises the other Car Connectivity Consortium members, which include leading vehicle manufacturers as well as smartphone and consumer-electronics makers.

Currently, only two laboratories in the world have MirrorLink ATL status, and of those two, Ixonos is the only one offering software development services for smart phones and head units. At the moment, Ixonos is also the only MirrorLink test laboratory in Europe, while also working towards getting global accreditation for a network of test laboratories by joining forces with testing and type approval partner Nemko.

Ixonos has also utilized its vast experience with the MirrorLink technology to create a full range of MirrorLink-related products ready to deliver to customers interested in gaining faster market access with fully developed and compliant high-quality products. “Our MirrorLink product offering includes MirrorLink server & client software, software development and verification services, and all-encompassing user experience design. Device manufacturers across the world and across industries are showing increasing interest towards our MirrorLink offering and the first MirrorLink-certified customer products will be shipping early next year,” reveals Antti Aumo, head of Global Marketing at Ixonos.

Ixonos is also an optimal development partner for companies interested in creating their own in-vehicle services and connected devices from scratch, as Ixonos’ unique offering combines user experience design with top-of the-line online solutions and full device creation. “We can design and implement for our customers connected devices and services specifically designed for in-car use and guarantee that these are fully compatible with the new industry standards,” Antti points out.


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  • Car Connectivity Consortium’s website

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