KeyPoint Technologies Launches OpenAdaptxt

By Keypoint Technologies, PRNE
Tuesday, May 10, 2011

First Commercial-Grade, Cost-Effective Open Source Text Input Platform Cuts up to 75 per cent From Input Related Costs, While Delivering Enhanced User Experience

GLASGOW, Scotland, May 11, 2011 - KeyPoint Technologies (, a provider of
innovative text-based input technology, today launches OpenAdaptxt(TM)
(, the first Open Source text input platform for
original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), software platform providers and
developers. Delivering up to 75 per cent reduction in input related costs,
OpenAdaptxt(TM) provides added incentive to innovate and improve the quality
and effectiveness of text-based user interfaces for all types of devices.

Personal mobile communications devices, such as smartphones, tablets,
connected TVs and in-vehicle infotainment (IVI) systems, are now ubiquitous
in people's daily working and personal lives. Depending on the purpose of the
device, designers have typically had to make compromises to deliver
innovative products, creating an 'Input Gap', where a mismatch exists between
the user's desire and need for convenient, speedy and accurate text-based
communication versus the capability of the device to meet the need.
Historically, OEMs and platform providers have attempted to close the gap
with proprietary solutions, imposing licensing costs and little incentive to
change or innovate. KeyPoint Technologies has addressed this pain point with
OpenAdaptxt(TM), making the source code available to developers and OEMs and
providing an opportunity to better close the gap.

"Delivering commercial-quality predictive text input as open source
software benefits participants across the mobile/wireless ecosystem,"
comments Bill Weinberg, principal analyst at "In launching
OpenAdaptxt, KeyPoint Technologies helps OEMs by reducing bill of materials
costs, gives platform suppliers and other developers opportunities to
innovate in user interface design, and brings a superior user experience to
mobile subscribers and owners of all types of mobile devices."

Peter Waller, Chairman of KeyPoint Technologies adds: "The next
generation of mobile devices need to be truly personal and 'know' their users
in order to learn habits, communication styles and contexts. Combining this
with KeyPoint Technologies' extensive linguistics capability and advanced
input technology means OEMs are set to revolutionise the mobile device user

Andreas Constantinou, Research Director at Vision Mobile, comments:
"Texting is the next most used service after voice with trillions of SMS
messages sent each year. Yet in the last ten years we have seen very little
innovation in text input technologies. KeyPoint Technologies' move in
releasing core parts of its Adaptxt(TM) text input technology under Open
Source licensing should attract much needed innovation in this domain."

KeyPoint Technologies is already working with over 20 of the world's
leading OEMs to ship its proprietary commercial-grade text-input platform,
Adaptxt(TM). The technology significantly enhances the user experience by
delivering accurate text prediction and error correction in 50 languages
along with personalisation to the user via a number of innovative learning
features. With OpenAdaptxt(TM), the company is contributing this
linguistics-based next generation technology to the Open Source community, in
order to establish an agreed industry standard, break down barriers to
innovation and promote the business benefits of using the Open Source

KeyPoint Technologies is also launching a community project to accelerate
the development of OpenAdaptxt(TM) at
OpenAdaptxt(TM) is licensed under the commercial-friendly Eclipse Public
License v1.0, enabling adopters to freely differentiate on top of the open
solution. The organisation will provide support and maintenance contracts
and professional services to adopters, with the opportunity to access
advanced features and functionality not otherwise available.

About KeyPoint Technologies

For developers, OEMS and platform providers worldwide, KeyPoint
Technologies is a trusted partner generating dynamism via Open Source. With
its unique business model for input technology, combined with world-class
linguistics expertise, the company enables partners developing devices
including: Smartphones; Feature phones; Tablets; Connected TVs; In-Vehicle
Infotainment (IVI) system and Point of Sale (POS) systems, to innovate more
effectively. KeyPoint Technologies closes the 'Input Gap' to help partners
better solve tomorrow's interface challenges. It delivers convenient,
consistent and more rewarding user experiences, thus enabling increased speed
and accuracy of text-based user input and interaction. KeyPoint Technologies
OpenAdaptxt(TM) is the first commercial-grade, Open Source-based text input
platform, supporting 50 languages.

Privately-owned, KeyPoint Technologies was founded in 2004 by Sanjay
and is based in Glasgow, UK with offices in India and the USA. The
company operates globally serving device manufacturers in key markets such as
USA, Europe, Korea, Taiwan and Canada.

For further information on OpenAdaptxt(TM) and KeyPoint Technologies,
please visit: or

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