KomyMirror is Standard Part for Dreamliner 787

By Komy Co. Ltd., PRNE
Thursday, November 10, 2011

TOKYO, November 11, 2011 -

The first fleet of the revolutionary 787 aircraft has been delivered to All Nippon Airways, and scheduled revenue flights started between Tokyo and Hiroshima and Okayama on November 1.

Komy Co., Ltd. has participated in the 787 program from the beginning. Over 100 KomyMirrors are installed in the overhead bins of each aircraft. KomyMirrors facilitate security checks and prevent passengers from leaving their belongings when they disembark the aircraft.

Boeing has received orders for 821 Dreamliners as of November 2011, and KomyMirrors are standard furnishings on all Boeing 787 aircraft.

OEM suppliers for the 787 model are required to minimize the weight of any product and Komy successfully developed the lightest-weight mirror which is only 36 grams each.

KomyMirrors are installed on aircraft operated by more than 40 major airlines worldwide. Over 120,000 KomyMirrors are in use, and not one single claim has ever been made to the quality of KomyMirrors.

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