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By Lapponia Jewelry Oy, PRNE
Wednesday, December 7, 2011

HELSINKI, December 8, 2011 -

Lapponia Jewelry is undergoing a global renaissance. Today’s strong women want to express themselves with our beautiful designs. Lapponia Jewelry is inspired by the rugged nature of northern Finland. This close bond with the nature of the north is brought to life in our new brand experience, the Art of Expression video, and our overall marketing strategy, The Silent Language of Nature.

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The Lapponia brand video combines stunning images of northern nature with another source of Finnish pride, the internationally renowned musical talent of the band Apocalyptica and their song Sacra. The video tells the story of Lapponia’s origins, presenting the artists’ source of inspiration for those who have never had the opportunity to experience the exotic beauty of northern Finland.

Lapponia’s artistic nature is also highlighted throughout our other marketing activities. During the filming of the brand video, world-famous photographer Arno Rafael Minkkinen, currently a professor of visual arts at the University of Boston, began work on a set of beautiful art photos based on Lapponia’s ’silent language’ marketing concept. This cooperation resulted in a collection of pictures that visualizes Lapponia’s message in a truly beautiful way. In terms of communication, the campaign clearly differs from the way other luxury brands express themselves. And when it comes to timing, the campaign launch couldn’t be happening at a better time, with Helsinki serving as World Design Capital for 2012.

About Lapponia

Lapponia’s story began when the company’s visionary founder Pekka Anttila asked sculptor and jewelry designer Björn Weckström, who he met while training to be a goldsmith, to design the first pieces of what was, at the time, very unique jewelry. The roots of Lapponia design are in Finnish Lapland. On trips to Lapland, Weckström got inspired by the exceptional shape and surface of the gold nuggets found in rivers there. It was this inspiration that led him to design the Flowering Wall, which received a Grand Prix award at the 1965 International Jewelry Contest in Rio de Janeiro. Since then, Lapponia has been an international success. Later Björn Weckström became fascinated by silver and created a series of jewelry in which silver portrays Finland’s snowy fields and icy lakes. The exceptional treatment of the surface became the label of Lapponia’s distinguished design.

The unique design and the exotic arctic nature began to generate more and more international interest. Lapponia grew into a brand that knew no boundaries. It was loved by royalty and stars alike, from the shahzadi of Persia to Yoko Ono. Following this success, in the 1970s Lapponia’s jewelry was being designed by several international jewelry artists.

Lapponia’s mystical designs still captivate people across the world. Today, Lapponia has six visionary artists who draw inspiration from the nature of Lapland to fulfill Lapponia’s mission of creating revolutionary pieces of jewelry in the otherwise conservative world of jewels. This jewelry is worn by charismatic women who are not afraid to stand out from the crowd.


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