PersonalWeb Files Patent Infringement Suits

By Personalweb, PRNE
Wednesday, December 7, 2011

TYLER, Texas, December 8, 2011 -

PersonalWeb (, a Tyler, Texas-based technology company, today filed multiple patent infringement suits regarding the unlicensed use of its patented technology for cloud computing, distributed search engine file systems, and content addressable storage.

Suits have been filed against Google, YouTube, Amazon, EMC, VMware, Dropbox, NetApps, NEC and Caringo.  The lawsuits state that these companies have used PersonalWeb’s patented technology as part of their distributed computing products or systems, including content addressable storage and/or distributed search engine technologies. 

“PersonalWeb protects its proprietary business applications and operations through a portfolio of patents that it owns, and we are actively pursuing licensing and participation in the operation of businesses that use these patents,” states Michael Weiss, CEO and President of PersonalWeb.

PersonalWeb leverages its patented technology to produce groundbreaking products. The company’s newest product is StudyPods™, a social learning platform that enables students to connect, collaborate and share academic knowledge with each other at their own university or colleges worldwide.

The company also develops the Global File Registry (”GFR”) digital content management system; the online copyright protection and crime prevention tool is a consolidated database, containing unique identifiers of millions of infringing files captured and collected on behalf of multiple content owners and interested parties.  In addition, PersonalWeb is developing enterprise solutions, including proprietary technology assets utilizing natural language processing and semantic analysis, to search for and deliver relevant content available on the Internet to users.

The patent infringement lawsuits were filed in the United States District Court, Eastern District of Texas.

About PersonalWeb: PersonalWeb was established in Tyler, Texas by a team who has been responsible for creating some of the Internet’s most popular software and applications used by tens of millions of people worldwide. The company develops groundbreaking products based on its patented technology that is fundamental for many important elements of cloud computing technology, distributed search engine file systems, social media and content addressable storage.  For more information, please visit

Mike Weiss, +1-903-361-2288, pr at / Editor’s note: PersonalWeb will not make additional comments regarding the ongoing litigation.

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