With Driving Costs Soaring 14% in the Last Year, Drivers Need to Save Where They Can, Says CTEK

By Ctek, PRNE
Wednesday, December 7, 2011

LONDON, December 8, 2011 -

A recent report from the RAC has revealed that the cost of motoring has soared by a staggering 14 per cent over the past 12 months. As a result, car owners need to save money where they can in order to stay on the road and good battery maintenance is an easy and inexpensive place to start, says CTEK, a leading global brand in the care and maintenance of vehicle batteries.

On average, drivers are now paying £128.64 a week to run a new car, or 55.74p per mile, which over the course of a year is £1,556 more expensive than it was in 2007. With depreciation rising 16.67 per cent in the last year, and insurance up 14.38 per cent, many drivers are at their financial limits. To make matters worse, fuel is now 12.4 per cent higher than a year ago, while maintenance costs, on average, are 8.8 per cent higher.

Battery Charging can at least ease the worry of a flat battery and considerably delay the financial output of having to replace one. A CTEK 12V Battery Charger such as the award winning MXS 3.6, not only charges the battery but also, through its patented multi-stage charging process, removes the sulphur that builds up on the internal plates and removes debris from the bottom of the battery, mixing back in with the acid.

Jan-ulf Soderberg, Head of Brand and Marketing at CTEK, commented: “Batteries aren’t cheap to replace with many costing well over the £100.00 mark. By using a Smart Battery Charger not only can the life of battery be considerably extended, the inconvenience of a flat battery can be avoided, potentially along with extortionate recovery costs.

All CTEK chargers only react to the direct needs of the battery. As a result, they can be safely left attached for an indefinite period of time without the risk of over, or under-charging the battery. Furthermore, all chargers are reverse polarity protected and spark-proof to ensure user safety.

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