Leading Digital Agencies Zeta and 99moves Create a Short Film in Support of Young Filmmakers

By 99moves, PRNE
Thursday, March 31, 2011

LONDON, April 1, 2011 - Leading video SEO agency 99moves (www.99moves.com/) and their
sister company Zeta (www.zeta.net/) , have teamed up with a collection
of up and coming young filmmakers to create a short film. The short film,
entitled 'The Storm', (Watch and share 'The Storm'
is a fresh and insightful way for 99moves and the group to lend their voices
to the debate surrounding the abolishment of the UK Film Council. By
commissioning the short film Zeta and 99moves hoped to offer home grown
talent not only the chance to cut their teeth in film making but also the
chance to showcase their opinion on the Arts Budget cuts in a fresh and
innovative way.

Zeta and 99moves are proud to be part of the UK's ever growing creative
community, even though it is a community that has been highly affected by the
cuts made to the Arts Budget. Arguably the most controversial decision was
that of abolishing the UK Film Council, the iconic funding body for
independent film in the UK. Although Zeta and 99moves strongly believe
abolishing the UK Film Council to be a counterproductive idea, 'The Storm'
was created not to dwell on bad press but offer a positive spin on a negative
event. The message within the film is for filmmakers not to give up, the
abolishment of the UK Film Council is not a sign British cinema is
disintegrating and with hard work and passion British talent will still
prosper within the global film industry.

'The Storm' focuses on one man's struggle against a lack of interest and
a brewing storm to screen his own short film, we follow him as he traipses
across the English countryside to the perfect screening spot and begins to
build his own cinema screen. The storm is closing in around him yet he still
battles on, unwilling to let his opportunity go.

The film itself was put together by a crew of young filmmakers who are
all facing a similar struggle ahead of them as they head into a career in the
notoriously hard film industry. Each member of the cast and crew gave up
their spare time, expertise and equipment for free not only to gain
experience putting together a short film but also contribute to something
they felt a personal connection to. Equally, the main location within the
film was donated by The Durleston Head Country Park, an organisation that had
also been affected by the Arts Council funding cuts. Feeling a connection to
the project they provided the highly sought after location for free.

Rosie Box, producer of 'The Storm' said 'the film industry has always
been a notoriously difficult to break into, which is why we were so excited
about giving a handful of young filmmakers the opportunity to create a not
just a short film, but a short film that said something about their own
industry.' She added 'I believe 'The Storm' showcases the hard working and
dedicated filmmaking talent that the UK is so good at producing.'

With 'The Storm' Zeta and 99moves hope to show that even though the UK
Film Council has been disbanded, the plethora of talent produced by the UK
will continue to offer valuable expertise and unrivalled talent within the
global film industry.

Zeta and 99moves are dedicated to supporting new talent within the media
industry, show your support by sharing 'The Storm' here (

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