Manthan Systems to Host a Retail Conference on ‘Supplier Collaboration’ at Jakarta

By Manthan Systems, PRNE
Monday, June 13, 2011

JAKARTA, Indonesia, June 14, 2011 -

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Manthan Systems, leading provider of retail BI and Analytics
solutions, partners with PT Karlin Mastrindo to host an in-depth
discussion at Jakarta on June 16, 2011, on ‘Supplier Collaboration’
for leading Indonesian retailers. The conference will feature
leading experts on retail industry and the subject of supplier
collaboration, like Mr. Hiren Doshi, SVP-Manthan, as well as Mr.
Christian F. Guswai, founder of G&P Retail Consulting, Chief
Editor of the Indonesian Retail Magazine.

The discussion forum at Jakarta will bring together retailers,
senior supply chain professionals and other industry players to
discuss key challenges in supply chain collaboration and explore
portal based technologies as an option to address them.

Manthan’s advanced solutions are deployed at several top
retailers in South-east Asia.  With organized retailing
picking up momentum in Indonesia, Manthan sees a critical role in
the country’s growing economy.  

For Indonesia, BMI Q1 2011 predicts an average annual GDP growth
of 5.9%   through 2011 to 2014. With a flurry of retail
mergers and buyouts last year and robust retail sales growth,
global majors such as Carrefour and Belgium based Delhaize are
among the big names that have entered Indonesia.

Says Widiana Hidayat, VP - Business Development, Manthan
Indonesia; “Analytics will be the critical enabler in Indonesia’s
competitive retail landscape. Manthan can bring tremendous value to
regional players helping them achieve supply chain efficiencies and
intelligence-driven operating models widely adopted in the
developed retail markets.”

Manthan set up a direct regional office at Jakarta in 2010, a
clear indication of their keen interest in the country. The company
has partnered with PT Karlin Mastrindo, a leading IT solutions
provider, to gain enhanced reach in the region and future plans
include an array of events and interactive discussion forums,
customer acquisitions and partner connect programs with best of
breed regional players.

Manthan’s supplier collaboration solution called ARC SPA
(Supplier Portal and Analytics), an advanced portal-based supplier
connect platform, is specifically designed for the retail domain.
Deployed at some of the leading retail chains across South-east
Asia, SPA is helping top retailers in the region automate and
establish near real-time visibility in their supply chains.

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