Ixonos joins Car Connectivity Consortium to Bring Connected Services With Superior User Experiences Into Cars

By Ixonos, PRNE
Monday, June 13, 2011

HELSINKI, Finland, June 14, 2011 -

Ixonos, a world leader in creating wireless technologies,
software and solutions for mobile devices and services, joins the
Car Connectivity Consortium (CCC) to develop sophisticated
in-vehicle connectivity solutions. The consortium was launched in
February 2011 by eleven companies, including major vehicle
manufacturers and consumer electronics makers. Ixonos is the first
non-device or non-car-manufacturer to join the cross-industry

Ixonos has longstanding experience in designing and developing
connected devices as well as mobile and web services. Extending
this experience into the automotive industry is a logical next step
for the company. “Some three dozen of our experts have already been
working with Terminal Mode-related solutions in the past 18
months”, says Roope Suomalainen, Director at Ixonos and
representative in the CCC’s Ecosystem workgroup.

Terminal Mode is designed to become an industry standard for
connecting mobile devices to vehicles. By connecting in-car systems
such as digital displays, controls and car audio systems with
mobile devices, consumers can effortlessly use Internet services
‘hands free’ via the car’s in-built controls. Terminal Mode opens
up a host of new opportunities for developing innovative
informative and entertainment applications for consumers. It can,
for example, enable car manufacturers and consumers to gain
valuable information about the car’s performance and consumers’
driving habits. “Ixonos has been a key player in enabling these
future possibilities by already implementing Terminal Mode on
several operating systems, with the development work on Android
currently in progress”, Suomalainen continues.

“Another major benefit of Terminal Mode to consumers is that the
standard includes a certification process which ensures that any
phone and car supporting the standard will work together. There
will be plenty of both!”, comments Damien De Maya, Program Manager,
Automotive, from Ixonos and representative in the CCC’s Technical
working group and Certification working group.

Through its involvement in the consortium, Ixonos expects to
gain new contacts and potential cooperation partners in the
automotive and related industries. “Ixonos is an optimal
development partner for companies developing in-vehicle services.
With our user experience design capabilities, we can, for example,
help create useful applications and services that are specially
designed to minimize driver distraction”, says SVP Kari Liuska from
Ixonos. “Furthermore, with full device creation capability, we can
design and implement for our customers connected devices that are
fully compatible with the new industry standards that are being
developed”, he adds.  

Ixonos’ unique experience in the world of mobility translates
into tangible benefits, such as faster time-to-market for our
customer companies’ services and products and unparalleled user
experiences for consumers.

For more information, please contact:

Kari Liuska, Senior Vice President, tel. +358-40-756-0285, href="mailto:kari.liuska@ixonos.com">kari.liuska@ixonos.com

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Roope Suomalainen, Director, tel. +44-7717-823-707, href="mailto:roope.suomalainen@ixonos.com">roope.suomalainen@ixonos.com

Damien De Maya, Program Manager, Automotive, tel.
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