Manual Gearboxes Could be a Thing of the Past for the World’s Supercars

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

BROMSGROVE, England, June 30, 2011 -


According to an exclusive interview with, high
performance transmissions specialist Oerlikon Graziano suggests
that the need for a manual gearbox option is disappearing at the
supercar end of the automotive market.

just-auto’s analyst Matthew Beecham interviewed Oerlikon
Graziano’s head of automotive transmissions, Paolo Mantelli. The
full interview appears in just-auto’s newly launched QUBE href="">
clutch technologies intelligence service:

just-auto: In terms of the future of manual
gearboxes, some people expect manual transmissions to remain
attractive in cost-sensitive markets while automated transmissions
gradually gain market share. Other people
anticipate a gradually decreasing market for manual transmissions
as drivers like the comfort and convenience while engineers like
the ability to control the shift points in order to meet emissions
and CO2 requirements. What do you anticipate will happen to the
manual transmission market?

Oerlikon Graziano:There will always be a
market for manuals in Europe as long as legislation allows them,
but it is interesting that we are now being asked to design

AMTs [automated manual transmissions] that
t have a manual option. This allows us to remove
many of the compromises of previous generation AMTs to make them
faster, smoother, smaller and lighter. The need for a manual option
is disappearing at the supercar end of the market, where we have
recently introduced three new transmissions for vehicles that do
not have a manual option. It is inevitable that this philosophy
will be increasingly reflected in lower cost

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About Oerlikon Graziano

Oerlikon Graziano is a high-tech industrial group specialising
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innovative industrial solutions and technologies for textile
manufacturing, thin-film coating, drive, precision, vacuum, solar
energy systems and advanced nanotechnology. Oerlikon employs 16,000
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