Achieve Complete Domain Awareness by Utilising the Most Effective Technologies and Platforms

By Defence Iq, PRNE
Tuesday, June 28, 2011

LONDON, June 29, 2011 -

  Maritime domain
awareness has been one of the key issues brought up by senior
military personnel from Canadian Armed Forces, Indian Coast Guard,
Philippines Armed Forces, South African Air Force, Turkish Navy and
Italian Navy as they look to procure and upgrade reconnaissance
assets in light of recent operations.

Furthermore, Major General Elmir dela Cruz from the Philippines
Armed Forces will be briefing delegates on urgent requirements to
provide improved domain awareness in the Philippines coast line
followed by a feedback session of the Philippines Fleet by Rear
Admiral Jose luis Alano, Commander of the Philippine Fleet.

Dealing with expanding threat of piracy in South Africa’s
coastal waters will be another issue discussed at the gathering by
Brigader General Wiseman Mbambo, Director of Air Capabilities and
Plans, South African Air Force as he assesses the threat from
piracy and smuggling to the waters of Southern Africa. Other
discussions will include analysing the latest developments from a
variety of international operations, including Operation Unified
Protector, Operation Ocean Shield and Operation

Maritime Reconnaissance and Surveillance will also aim to assess
the utility ofnon-traditional ISR platforms for improving maritime
surveillance, and how the intelligence from these assets can
be incorporated into the wider maritime domain picture.

Senior military and industry professionals from 16 nations will
be gathering in Rome, September to discuss the above issues as well
as network in order to achieve complete domain awareness.


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