MediaCom and Aurasma Revolutionise Media World with Augmented Reality

By Aurasma, PRNE
Wednesday, July 13, 2011

CAMBRIDGE, England and SAN FRANCISCO, July 14, 2011 -

- World-Leading
Media Agency Partners with Hot Technology to Bring Advertising to


MediaCom, one of the world’s leading media agencies and Aurasma,
the world’s leading augmented reality platform, today announced a
partnership to transform the advertising campaigns of some of most
recognized brands in the world.

Aurasma is a radical technology that uses smart phones and
tablets to recognize images in the real world and bring them to
life - by overlaying video, animations or games, precisely in
context. The new technology is taking the media world by storm, and
has already been installed on over one million devices.

MediaCom’s client, Universal Pictures, is now using Aurasma to
supercharge their advertising campaign for the hit movie
Bridesmaids in the UK. The print advertisement campaign for
the film includes major publications such as London titles
Metro and Stylist, and leading women’s magazines
Closer, More and Grazia. Readers simply download
Aurasma Lite and point their device to the print advertisement to
see the static creative come to life on the page, overlaying a
trailer and linking directly to the movie’s Facebook page.

“An influential brand, such as Universal, needs to stay at the
cutting edge of digital media and, at MediaCom, we are there to
ensure this happens,” said George Dixon, Head of Mobile, MediaCom.
“Whilst Universal have completely embraced mobile, they still
have a strong commitment to outdoor, print and
TV. Therefore, opportunities to tie this emerging channel with
traditional media, offering more opportunities for our target
audience to engage, are keenly snapped up.”

“Aurasma has successfully delivered a rich execution, tying our
print display to mobile and bringing it just a click away from our
social media touchpoints. We fully intend to continue to work with
Aurasma on behalf of all of our clients, to explore the endless
possibilities we believe this technology has to offer,” continued

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About MediaCom

MediaCom is one of the world’s largest Media Communication
Specialists, with billings exceeding US $26 billion (Source: RECMA)
and 116 offices in 89 countries around the globe. Our “People
First, Better Results” philosophy drives our strategy and reflects
our belief that putting People - employees, clients and consumers -
at the core of our business leads to optimum business results.
 The MediaCom family of companies includes such leaders in
their fields as:  MediaCom Interaction, our global digital and
interactive marketing agency, with future-forward proprietary
technology that works to grow clients’ businesses; MediaCom
Direct, our direct response experts, creating close, measured
connections with consumers; MediaCom ESP, entertainment and
sponsorship specialists that connect brands to consumers when they
are most open to product messages; and MediaCom Business Science,
focused on helping clients achieve maximum sales return. MediaCom
Worldwide is a member of WPP, the world’s largest marketing
communications services group*, and is a part of GroupM, WPP’s
media agency group, which is the largest worldwide.  For more
information, visit href="">

About Aurasma

Aurasma is a revolutionary, augmented reality platform that uses
advanced image recognition technology to merge the physical and
virtual worlds. Using a smart phone or tablet computer, Aurasma is
capable of recognizing objects in the real world and overlaying
this view with an interactive layer of the virtual world.

Aurasma was created using industry-leading technology from
Autonomy. It is currently in use by over one hundred partners
including film studios, TV chains, online retailers, media
agencies, newspapers, magazines, museums and billboard

    Aurasma Editorial Contacts:          MediaCom Editorial Contact:

    Emily Orton                          George Dixon
    Autonomy (UK)                        MediaCom
    +44 207 104 5708                     +44 207 158 5173   

    David Vindel
    The Red Consultancy (UK)
    + 44 207 025 6529

    Winifred Shum
    Autonomy (US)
    +1 408 771 6668

    Louise Kehoe
    Ogilvy PR (US)
    +1 415 677 2739


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