Web Perspectives Reveals 80% of Canadians Still use Facebook

By Research Now Ltd, PRNE
Tuesday, July 12, 2011

LONDON, July 13, 2011 -

Web Perspectives has revealed that 80% of Canadian respondents
said they use Facebook at the same level of high than they did a
year ago.

Despite Facebook ‘losing’ 1.5 million users in Canada over the
past 2 months, speculation is rife that this social networking
empire is on the decline.

With almost 700 million users worldwide, Facebook has
revolutionised online social networking.

However, the Inside Facebook Gold Data Service reports that
growth has slowed down in some of the biggest markets in the world
for two consecutive months. Over the past year, the company gained
an average 20 million new users each month but in April and May,
the figures were significantly lower (13.9 million and 11.8 million
respectively). Despite sharp growth in countries such as Brazil,
Mexico and India, some of Facebook’s biggest markets are actually
losing active users. The United States lost almost 6 million users
during May, and Canada lost 1.5 million in the same month. The UK,
Norway and Russia also posted losses of at least 100,000.Facebook
stated that its aim was to reach 1 billion users worldwide*.

This headline news has sparked speculation that Facebook’s reign
as the King of the Social Network may be drawing to a close. High
visitor numbers are important for the company to attract
advertisers, but if its growth rate continues to fall, Facebook has
cause for concern**.

However, Facebook’s critics should not rejoice too soon. In a
recent statement, Facebook stated that it was ‘very pleased’ with
its growth, and questioned the accuracy of the IFG figures.

Toronto was the first city to pass the million user mark, and in
some Canadian cities non-Facebook users are in the minority.
Canada’s 15 million active Facebook users represent half the
population, and ironically, this high penetration may explain why
Facebook usage appears to be flagging here. According to the IFG,
developed countries where Facebook users represent around 50% of
the population reach a ’saturation point’ after which usage
inevitably slows down to a halt***

Despite the 1.5 million users that have shut down their Facebook
profile over the past couple of months, over 9 million Canadian
users still log on to Facebook every day. 41% of Canadian
respondents to the Web Perspectives’ href="www.webperspectives.ca/eng/faq/faq-new/">survey
questions still use Facebook as much (or as little) as they did
a year ago and some 39% of Canadian respondents actually say they
now use Facebook more often compared to their usage of the site
this time last year. A very small 2% of Canadians surveyed said
they used the social network in the past and have since stopped
using it.

Notes to Editors:

* According to the Guardian.

** According to PC World.

*** According to Newsfeed Researcher.

About Web Perspectives:

The poll was conducted online utilising the Web perspectives
Panel in June 2011 among 1,000 adults aged 18 and over. Owned and
operated by Research Now Ltd, Web perspectives is a consumer
research panel made up of individuals participating in href="www.webperspectives.ca/">market research surveys
in exchange for rewards. Through various partnerships with popular
international retailers, Web perspectives’ members can earn and
redeem credits for gift vouchers accepted online and in stores.
Members also have the opportunity to donate href="www.webperspectives.ca/eng/rewards/">survey
rewards to charitable causes if they choose.

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Research Now Ltd is the leading global online sampling and
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