Dar Al Hayat’s iPad App by KnowledgeView

By Knowledgeview, PRNE
Wednesday, July 13, 2011

LONDON, July 14, 2011 -


A New Dimension in
News Multi-Publishing

Dar Al Hayat (DAH), a leading news publishers in Saudi Arabia
and the Arab world, addressing audiences around the globe through
its various local, regional and international daily editions of Al
Hayat newspaper and Web sites, is now set to take the news
multi-publishing practices to a new level with its innovative iPad
app developed by KnowledgeView’s technology.

This advanced technology displays content in two different
views: A sophisticated news channels view that takes the news
consumers through a browsing experience where breaking news and
developing stories get updated by the minute and each section is
displayed in a dedicated news channel, and the edition view in PDF
format that gives the viewer the same paperless look and feel of
the print version with additional multimedia options such as
multiple fast rendered photos and videos into the article. Support
for smart advertising allows Dar Al-Hayat to enter the realm of
profitable digital publishing.

Allan Marshall, Joint Principal at iMedia Advisory Ltd, confirms
that DAH and other leading publishers’ strategy to offer premium
content in high-quality channels to their clients and subscriber
base will inevitably raise the bar of the news service offering in
the MENA region. Publishing news on the iPad tablet with the
interactive channel view and on-time breaking news ticker using
KnowledgeView’s ground-breaking technology puts DAH at the cutting
edge of technology.

The news channels can be displayed according to the publisher’s
order of preference and fields of interest. Holding the iPad on the
upright position will allow the reader to focus on the chosen
article, while a wider array of channels will be displayed when
held sideways. The iPad app will also reflect the publishers
identity through customized fonts and colors.

Whether pushed from KnowledgeView’s «Publish live Newsroom» or
any other editorial system, the content is quickly rendered with
very good quality of photos and videos. Moreover, the iPad
technology from KnowledgeView allows publishers to generate
revenues through different subscription modules by edition or over
a particular period of time or even smart advertisement spaces
between articles or in dedicated channels.

“Flexibility, scalability and profitability are the main
highlights of KnowledgeView’s iPad app technology. We are striving
to bring our clients great value in their investment through
breakthrough technologies that are being appreciated and well
acclaimed worldwide. The endorsement of our clients gives us
growing incentives to improve our technology around the clock.
Working with Dar Al-Hayat, we have developed an updated iPad App
that enjoys a better photo gallery display, support for multiple
images or videos for any article and an easier switching from
edition to app view,” Dr. Ali Al Assam, CEO of KnowlegeView

The iPad technology by KnowledgeView allowed many prominent news
publishers in the Arab world and beyond to offer their audiences a
premium range of services that makes the news viewing an exciting
interactive experience. It is currently used by Dar Al Hayat (KSA),
Saudi Research and Marketing Group (KSA), Oman Establishment for
Print and Press (Oman), Al Ghad (Jordan), Australian Associated
Press (Australia) to name a few, while new iPad applications are in
the making for many others.

Dar Al Hayat is a well respected news publisher in the Arab
world that we are very happy to work with to reach the Arabs
seamlessly in the MENA region and the diaspora through the iPad app
using KnowledgeView’s technology. This will indubitably allow Al
Hayat a greater exposure to all age groups who will enjoy two
different views for the same content, while ensuring high ROI and
rewarding business sense to our esteemed partner,” he

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