Ensure Viable Practice for Pediatric Practitioners in High Density Areas

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

WILMINGTON, Delaware, September 14, 2011 -

At $183,000 a year, the pediatricians earn the lowest pay of all physicians except Primary Care physicians, according to the medical search and consulting firm Merritt Hawkins & Associates’ 2011 Review of Physician Recruiting Incentives.

The nationally low reimbursement rates for the pediatric specialty have been further aggravated by the rising malpractice rates even when there is no outstanding claim, as well as the cost of living.

With a large number of pediatric patients covered under a single payer, Medicaid, and with close to 60% overheads and far fewer billable diagnoses and procedures, pediatrics reimbursement has remained much lower compared to other specialties. This has led to the pediatric specialty physicians refusing to provide care or even writing off cases. Many more do not participate in plans at all.

The financial issue has led to the overall shortage of pediatric subspecialists in the US as well as their concentration in a few areas such as Massachusetts with 165 pediatricians per 100,000 children is closely followed by other northern states including New York (154), Connecticut (127), Maryland, the District of Columbia (160), and New Jersey (131) - whereas the plains and western states such as Montana (43), South Dakota (41), Wyoming (35) and Idaho (28) registered lowest concentrations.

This situation calls for optimization of pediatric practice in areas with lower concentration of pediatricians as well as providing professional support to physician clinics and hospitals in high concentration areas on effective and efficient management of their practice.

MBC, a leading medical billing and coding consortium views this situation both as an opportunity and challenge as it offers a huge workforce of established pediatric medical billers and coders who can effortlessly realize the clients’ requirements amidst a stringent insurance environment. With expert pediatric medical billers and coders for high concentration areas such as Massachusetts, New York, Maryland, Washington, Connecticut, and New Jersey, can ensure compliant standards on their clients’ behalf.

Apart from these, MBC also has a fair presence in South Dakota, Montana, and Idaho with our Idaho and South Dakota medical billing professionals - which together with others make up for the majority of pediatric medical care market.

MBC is a well entrenched association of highly experienced billers and coders with a competent set of pre-qualifications in congruence with the prevailing standards for medical reimbursement ( ICD-9 and HIPAA 4010 coding and reporting compliance ). With a track record of denial-free multispecialty billing and coding services, and a proactive out-look to the ensuing ICD-1O and HIPAA 5010 coding and reporting compliance, our pediatric billing services promise to be indispensable ally to pediatric practitioners spread across urban and suburban areas of these highly competitive states.

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