MESA International Delivers First Global Education Program Event

By Mesa International, PRNE
Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Class members in Western Europe and U.S. earn first global MES/MOM Certificates

CHANDLER, Arizona, March 24, 2011 - MESA International today announced the successful completion of the first
events in the newly launched MESA Global Education Program. Mike James,
Chairman of the MESA Education Committee, said, "After more than a year of
review and planning, this important industry initiative is definitely
'launched.' The first classes have gone through, and the first Certificate of
Awareness has been awarded. We're off to a perfect start!"


Attendees of the first, U.K. event took the 2-day, high-level program of
MES/MOM Business Functions courses geared for executives,
manufacturing/operations, IT personnel and sales professionals. All are
eligible to earn the MESA Certificate of Awareness, given they pass both the
in-class and post-class exams. Jonathon Hill, MES Capabilities Leader with a
major Aerospace OEM, is the first to do so, earning Certificate No. 1 in the
MESA Global Education Program.

Mr. Hill commented, "This is the most comprehensive set of courses I have
ever followed, providing a full and broad understanding of Manufacturing
Execution Systems / Manufacturing Operations Management. I will be
recommending to our executives that they follow this program and rely on MESA
International as an important source of expertise in this context."

The upcoming events schedule for April and May is listed below. Course
abstracts, a complete schedule of events and registration information are
available online at

    Locations     MES/MOM Methodologies      MES/MOM Business Functions
    ---------     ---------------------      --------------------------
                  4-day Certificate of       2-day Certificate of
                  Competency (CoC)           Awareness (CoA)
                  ---------------------      ---------------------
    Sydney        April 5 - 8                April 11 - 12
    Philadelphia  April 5 - 8                April 11 - 12
    U.S.A.                                   April 13 - 14
    Copenhagen    -------                    April 7 - 8
    Melbourne     April 18 - 21              April 14 - 15
    San Francisco May 9 - 12                 May 3 - 4
    U.S.A.                                   May 5 - 6
    Johannesburg  May 3 - 6                  May 11 - 12
    South Africa
    Milwaukee     -------                    May 17 - 18
    Chicago       -------                    May 23 - 24


MESA International is a global community of manufacturers, producers,
industry leaders and solution providers focused on improving Operations
Management capabilities through the effective application of technology
solutions and best practices. We:

    - Collect, share and publish best practices and guidance to drive greater
      productivity and the overall profitability of the manufacturing
    - Facilitate innovation and collaboration to enable the real-time
      enterprise and Plant to Enterprise integration
    - Enable members to connect, contribute, cultivate understanding, and
      exchange strategies to drive operations excellence
    Contact: DeAnn Fedyski

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