Million Dollar Trader Anton Kreil Makes his Trading Portfolio Public

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Thursday, July 21, 2011

LONDON, July 22, 2011 -


The former Goldman Sachs trader who
appeared in the internationally syndicated television programme
Million Dollar Traders has just announced he is making his trading
portfolio public.

(NOTE: Online Publishers may make enquiries about
carrying Anton Kreil’s trading data on the contacts below. The
Global Monthly Report is published at href=""> on
the second business day of each month. A free sample of this report
is available at the following address: href="">

Anton Kreil, the
portfolio manager in the BBC programme that let eight members of
the public trade $1m (£620,000) and run their own hedge fund, is
now publishing his trading positions in his ‘Global Monthly
Report’. Until now Mr Kreil’s report has only been available to
friends and high net worth individuals.

In each month’s report Mr Kreil gives a breakdown of everything
that’s happening in the world from the viewpoint of a professional
trader, starting at a Macroeconomic level.

This section covers the United States, Europe and China. Mr
Kreil also gives his update on global asset classes covering
Equities, Currencies, Commodities and Bonds. However, the most
exciting part of the report is the second half. Kreil
systematically goes through all the positions he currently has on
in his own portfolio and all the reasons why he has the positions

Mr Kreil says his approach to trading is uncomplicated and
straight forward.

“The Macroeconomic environment lets me know which way the wind
is blowing. I then spend my life hunting for the best longs and
shorts globally, across all asset classes, waiting for the market
to serve me up the opportunities”.

Kreil started writing the report in March this year, in response
to his friends pressuring him to publish his portfolio. Since
inception, 75% of his subscribers are profitable.

There have been some pretty solid calls, historically. In April
and May, Kreil predicted the GDP slowdown in the United States and
China and went short Copper mining stocks globally. He was also
short Semiconductor stocks in May and June before they warned on

What is refreshing is that Mr Kreil doesn’t profess to be a
‘Super Trader’. Subscribers to his report will notice that the
trades he gets wrong, he gets rid of quickly and that he tends
towards trades that have a high probability of making 10-20% within
a few months.

Notes to Editors:

1/. Anton Kreil runs the Institute of Trading and Portfolio
Management offering world class research to members from Trading
and Portfolio Management Professionals. Global Monthly Report
analysis covers all the major trading and investment opportunities
that are occurring in Equities, Currencies and Commodities
globally. The Institute’s Global Energy, Industrial Metals &
Mining Monthly Report covers, Macroeconomics, Equities and
Commodities, with specific focus on opportunities in the Energy,
Industrial Metals and Mining sectors.

2/. Anton Kreil studied Economics at Manchester University
before working at JP Morgan, Lehman Brothers and Goldman Sachs,
trading Equities, Currencies, Commodities, Rates, CFD, ETF, ETC,
Spread Bet, Futures. He gives regular seminars to professional
traders and investors in London, and internationally. The latest
seminars are listed, here: href="">

Anton Kreil is available for
interview, for more information or to make a request, contact:

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