Millions of Brits Suffering From a "Holiday Hangover"

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

NEWPORT, Wales, September 7, 2011 -


1 in 5 Will Still be Paying for Their Holiday in 2012

  • Only two thirds of holiday makers come home feeling relaxed and refreshed
  • 14 per cent feel tired and stressed, 13 per cent spent too much money
  • Four per cent wished they had never gone away
  • Travel delays and crime spoil holidays for many

As millions of Brits return from their summer holiday a new survey by comparison site reveals that not everyone does so feeling ‘relaxed and refreshed’. 

The poll of 3,000 holidaymakers reveals that only 39% believe that what they paid for their holiday was money well spent, while almost a fifth of travellers admit they will still be paying off their 2011 summer holiday in 2012.

Over 14 per cent said they came home feeling tired or stressed and 13 per cent said that they had spent too much money.  Meanwhile, four per cent wished they had never gone on holiday! 

    The Holiday Hangover top ten                      % of holidaymakers

    Things costing much more on holiday than expected 31%
    Bad weather                                       25%
    Resort not living up to the brochure description  23%
    Travel delays getting there or back               18%
    Disappointing food                                17%
    Member of party ill or injured                    14%
    Behaviour of British holidaymakers abroad         14%
    Unfriendly or rude resort staff                   12%
    Not able to switch off from work                   9%
    Member of party being the victim of a crime        6%

Value for money concerns topped the list of holiday spoilers for Brits with 31 per cent saying things cost much more on holiday than they thought they would.  23 per cent said the resort didn’t live up to the brochure description. 

Over 18 per cent of travellers had suffered delays either getting away or coming home, 14 per cent said a member of their party had taken ill or was injured while away and six per cent of holidaymakers reported being a victim of a crime.  Yet, over a quarter of holidaymakers admit they don’t always buy travel insurance when going abroad.  Seven per cent say they never buy it while four per cent don’t buy it because they have an EHIC (European Health Insurance Card).

Jeremy Cryer, head of travel insurance at commented, “While there is little we can do about the weather spoiling our holiday, we can take steps to be better organised financially and better protected should the worst happen when we are abroad.  Budgeting for a holiday should include some contingency planning for extra meals out, trips or gifts.” 

“If you have overspent it is probably time to look for a better deal on your credit card to ensure the damage is limited and the debt is paid off as quickly as possible.  Look for an interest free balance transfer card so that you are not paying sky-high interest rates on your holiday debt. 

“There’s no excuse for heading abroad without travel insurance these days.  There are plenty of good value policies available and it is easier than ever to shop around for a good deal.  As this survey shows, holidays don’t always go to plan, so being prepared for all eventualities is a sensible part of planning any trip.”


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