Gocompare.com Asks: What’s Your Dream Home?

By Gocompare.com, PRNE
Thursday, November 24, 2011

NEWPORT, Wales, November 25, 2011 -

A rural retreat with close access to a corner shop, post office and pub is the nation’s idea of the perfect home; according to Gocompare.com.

The findings emerged in a study of 2,000 homeowners, and shows the average person would be happy with a detached new build surrounded by half an acre of land.

The property can be up to 10 miles away from work, but less than two miles away from important amenities such as the school, supermarket, newsagents and doctor’s surgery.

Having a good relationship with the neighbours is also important - as folk would like to be on first name terms with at least five people living nearby and be able to call on three neighbours for help in an emergency.

And three in five Brits would love to live in a house where they didn’t have to close the curtains to achieve a bit of privacy.

Phil Paterson-Fox, head of home insurance at Gocompare.com, which conducted the research, said: “Most people aren’t talking about a ridiculously huge mansion. The average person’s dream home clocking in at a respectable four bedrooms, there’s clearly more to it than just bricks and mortar.  

“Location is key, as is having friends and relatives close by. The study also shows how important local amenities are to people with a library, post office, school, pub, a doctor and dentist all required within two miles.”

The poll shows that despite fantasising about a four-bed house in the country, the majority of Brits would like to have close access to an A-road so that they can get where they need to be quickly and easily.

In fact, the average person wouldn’t like to be further than five miles from the nearest town and nine and a half miles from the nearest city.

As well as having neighbours to call on, people would also like to have up to four close friends living in the same village, as well as mum and dad.

When it comes to the house itself, in addition to four bedrooms, most folk would be happy with two bathrooms and two en-suites.

The perfect dream home would have a study and utility room, a dining room for entertaining, as well as a kitchen breakfast room for daily use.

Other desirable rooms include two for the children - such as a playroom and a den - a lounge and a conservatory.

More than half of those polled also dream of an indoor swimming pool.

For the outside of the house, people would ideally like half an acre of land surrounding the property, off road parking with a double garage and a sea view.

Phil continues: “The dream home, according to our poll, isn’t actually that unrealistic.

“We asked respondents to give us an accurate portrayal of what they would like in a house, taking into particular consideration the location and local amenities.

“When house hunting it is difficult to tick every box, but most people know exactly what they want from a new home.”

The survey shows that just one in 10 people are already living in their dream home.

A further quarter of Brits are actively saving towards their ideal house, however the remainder don’t think they will ever achieve the fantasy.


Village based, rural living
Detached new build
5.03 miles from the nearest town
9.49 miles from the nearest city
6.35 miles from the nearest coast
3.85 miles from the countryside
1.13 miles from the post office
1.22 miles from the Doctor’s surgery
1.69 miles from the Dentist’s surgery
0.82 miles from the corner shop
1.95 miles from the supermarket
2.23 miles from the swimming pool
1.04 miles from the newsagents
1.66 miles from the farm shop
1.22 miles from the pub
1.65 miles from the school
1.98 miles from the library
10 miles from work
Close to an A road
A few yards away from the nearest neighbour
A sea view
Front and back gardens
Half an acre of land
Off road parking
Double garage
2 close friends living on the same street
4 close friends living in the same village
Mum and dad living nearby
On first name terms with 5 neighbours
Good friends with 3 neighbours
The ability to have privacy without shutting the curtains
4 bedrooms
2 bathrooms
2 en-suite bathrooms
3 reception rooms
2 rooms designated to the children
Utility room
Dining room
Kitchen breakfast room
Indoor swimming pool

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