Molecular Devices Launches the GenePix(R) SL50 Slide Loader and GenePix(R) Pro 7.2 Software

By Molecular Devices, PRNE
Tuesday, June 7, 2011

SUNNYVALE, California, June 8, 2011 -

Today, Molecular Devices, a leading provider of instruments, software,
and consumables for drug discovery and life sciences research, announced the
launch of the GenePix(R) SL50 Slide Loader and GenePix(R) Pro 7.2 Software
for an accelerated microarray workflow.


Research needs change continually as science advances; Molecular Devices
designed the SL50 Slide Loader as a modular system to ensure users have
access to easy upgrade paths. The external slide handling and storage system
can be added to any GenePix 4300A or 4400A at any time in the field, making
it perfect for core facilities and other high-volume environments. With an
automation capacity for up to 50 microarrays, the Genepix SL50 Slide Loader
helps scientists generate more results faster.

Streamlined microarray workflows are now possible with the fully
integrated GenePix Pro 7.2 Software. The new software takes advantage of
Windows 7 64-bit computing performance and easily handles the most demanding
image analysis tasks.

"This automation solution meets the high-throughput scanning requirements
of today and prepares us for the future," said Dr. Holger Wenschuh, Managing
Director at JPT Peptide Technologies and longtime user of GenePix Microarray
Systems. "It provides a clear advantage over stand-alone scanners for our
highly integrated workflow using JPT's proprietary PepStar(TM) peptide
microarray platform for seromarker discovery, immune monitoring and enzyme
profiling to target cancer, autoimmune and infectious diseases and

"With the launch of the GenePix SL50 Slide Loader, we now offer a full
range of microarray scanning capabilities within our GenePix product line,"
said Mikey Kindler, Director of BioResearch for Molecular Devices. "With this
complete portfolio, we can deliver an appropriate microarray system into our
customers' hands and help them with their current challenges and future

About GenePix(R) Microarray Scanners

GenePix Microarray Scanners are the result of Molecular Devices' 25 years
of expertise in low-noise signal amplification and optical design. The
systems can handle any slide-based microarray study, from small one- or
two-flour applications to multiple-flour high-throughput projects requiring
automated sample handling and secure enterprise-wide data management and
analysis. Microarray technology has greatly contributed to research in many
areas including functional biology, genomics, transcriptomics, and
proteomics, both in plants and animals.

About GenePix Pro Microarray Software

GenePix Pro Image Acquisition and Data Analysis Software, the GenePix
Microarray Scanners, and GenePix Slide Loader have been designed to work
together as a fully integrated platform. The seamless communication between
scanner, slide loader, and software ensures unmatched efficiency for data
acquisition and analysis, as well as for real time performance monitoring.
Optional Acuity microarray informatics software completes the package,
offering database storage, clustering algorithms, advanced statistics and

About JPT Peptide Technologies GmbH

JPT Peptide Technologies is an innovative service provider and research &
development partner for projects focusing on seromarker discovery, immune
monitoring, vaccine target and peptide lead identification & optimization, as
well as proteomics and enzyme profiling. JPT's head office and production
sites are located in Berlin, Germany and are compliant with DIN ISO 9001:2008
and GCLP regulations.

Mikey Kindler of Molecular Devices, +1-408-747-3703, mikey.kindler at

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