NATO and Allied Forces are in the Market for Upgrading Close Air Support Platforms and Systems

By Defence Iq, PRNE
Wednesday, June 29, 2011

LONDON, June 30, 2011 -


With air power providing the spearhead for NATO’s operations in
Libya, and with Libyan rebels calling for further reinforcement on
the ground, the importance of close air support (CAS), precision
targeting and minimising collateral damage for today’s forces can
not be overstated.  

While the fundamentals of close air support have not changed
since their initial concept, the training, platforms, weapons and
procedures involved are constantly being amended to fit the modern
warfighter. Highlighting progress, the US Marine Corps are now
using tablet computers in theatre, allowing them to quickly and
efficiently load maps and provide vital information for
air-to-ground coordination.

Meanwhile, the likes of A-10 Thunderbolts, Eurofighters and
Apache helicopters have been instrumental in NATO’s efforts to
deplete Libyan heavy armour and supply chains, but operations have
been plagued by reports of civilian casualties, risking the
likelihood of long-term support for the intervention.

Digital integration, interoperability, and battlespace
management are all key topics being explored at Close Air Support
2011 ( href="">
) which will provide operational insight into developments
currently being made.

At Close Air Support 2011, keynote speaker
Air Vice Marshal Greg Bagwell CBE MSc, Air Officer Commanding
Number 1 Squadron, HQ Air Command, UK RAF will join Heads of
JTAC, Heads of Airspace Deconfliction and Heads of FOO Training to
discuss up-to-date analysis of the latest developments in close air
support, with in-depth and detailed focus on the following

  • Operational feedback on equipment and digital CAS from TACP
    Units just returned from theatre
  • How to improve air-land integration
  • How to close capability gaps

The full Close Air Support programme is available to
download from the event website:

Close Air Support ( href="">
) will bring together key military and government decision makers
from across the world and provides an opportunity to interact with
the wider CAS network and gain a greater understanding of the role
of industry in driving technological development.

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Close Air Support will be held from 20th-22nd September
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