NATO Serious Game for Maritime Interdiction Operations Unlocks Mobile Potential

By Caspian Learning, PRNE
Saturday, November 26, 2011

LONDON, November 27, 2011 -

A NATO commissioned serious game is the first of its kind to be scheduled for large-scale deployment on Android and iOS mobile devices. It will be used by military personnel in operational areas throughout the world. The serious game, developed completely in VBSWorlds, a Caspian Learning/Bohemia Interactive Simulations product, will be on show at the I/ITSEC conference in Florida this week.

A serious game commissioned by NATO and designed to improve the effectiveness of personnel during Maritime Interdiction Operations will be available to view at the I/ITSEC conference in Florida this week.

The serious game, created by Caspian Learning with their powerful military simulation software, VBSWorlds, has been designed specifically to operate within NATO’s Nexus Virtual World platform.

By developing the serious game within the NATO virtual world, instructors and students are able to access collaborative areas, virtual classrooms and other online content as part of their learning experience.  This potentially saves time and precious resources by reusing COTS technology and reduces the need to travel between institutions to enjoy and collaborate within the same learning environment.

The finished serious game can be deployed not only to PC and web but also to handheld mobile devices including windows based devices, iOS and Android, leaving the choice of technology to the student or institution whilst retaining all of the content and experience across all platforms.

Several versions of the game, including the mobile version, will be shown off at the Bohemia Interactive Stand (booth 1040) at I/ITSEC by Caspian Learning throughout the week.

Lee Rushworth, a spokesman for Caspian Learning said, “I/ITSEC is the perfect platform to showcase this exciting demo and we can’t wait to show it off. What better place to show off one of the most exciting developments in rapid, handheld military simulations than at the world’s largest simulation and training conference?”

The mobile version of the ‘Borders Ahoy’ simulation will be available to view and play all week at booth 1040.

About Caspian Learning

Caspian Learning are a multi award-winning serious games technology and design company. Formed in 2002, they are the developer of the acclaimed Thinking Worlds, whose globally unique technology allows instructional designers to create fully immersive 3D sims & games at costs previously restricted to 2D development.  They are the global leader in the use of 3D games and simulations technology for performance improvement, having developed over 100 sims or games for clients all over the world including IBM, BBC, QinetiQ, Accenture, Volvo, the Ministry of Defence and the European Union among others.

Stop by at I/ITSEC booth #1040 for all your game-based simulation and training requirements!

About VBS2 v2.0

VBS2 is a game-based virtual training solution suited for collective military tactical training and mission rehearsal. VBS2 is an “open platform” that provides scenario editors, run-time scenario editing, after-action review and content development capability in addition to a highly realistic multiparticipant virtual environment. VBS2 is a virtual sandbox that is employed daily by all ABCA Armies and most other premier military forces, and VBS2 training courses are available.

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