New Bundles From Tru end Exorbitant Roaming Charges - Forever

By Tru, PRNE
Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Up to 80% Savings for UK Businesses With an International Profile[1]

LONDON, May 19, 2011 - Tru, the world's only intelligent global mobile operator, today launches
a range of contract plans which put an end to high roaming and international
call charges for voice and data. The new packages are designed to drive UK
businesses with an international profile, to switch their main mobile voice
and data contracts to Tru, and promises up to 80% savings on their bills in

Tru operates in over 220 countries worldwide and is the only mobile
operator which includes minutes, voice and data across multiple countries in
its bundles - this unique innovation saves users money virtually wherever
they go.

Most mobile phone contracts are purchased on the basis of UK rates,
however a review of total cost of ownership versus actual bills of
international business customers in the UK reveals some stunning findings.
Tru has created The three behaviour profiles shown below, these are
representative of 'typical' profiles from Tru's investigation of real
business bills from UK mobile network operators.

    European sales director  Employee of company European marketing
    of a US based company    with offices in     manager
                             silicon valley,
                             London & Europe.

    - UK based               - 4 days in US      - 4 days per month
                             quarterly           Europe.
    - 1 week each month in
    US                       - 3 days in Europe  - Two weeks a year
                             monthly             in South Africa.
    - Europe every other
    month                    - Annual holiday in - Annual Holiday
    - Annual visit to APAC.                      NB. No Tru
                             - Annual Caribbean  Countries visited

    70% saving vs UK MNOs*   45% saving vs UK    25% Saving vs. UK
                             MNOs.               MNOs

Geraldine Wilson, CEO of Tru, said: "The rates are phenomenal and our
ability to serve customers globally is unparalleled." She continued, "These
bundles are a clear statement of intent. If you operate internationally, we
want your business: switch to Tru."

Tru pricing bundles save you money pretty much wherever you go, and


- 10p per MB v GBP6 (O2), GBP3 (Vodafone), GBP5.50 (Orange)

- Over 50% savings on international calls from home

- Bundles offering great domestic rates

- Unlimited free email access for BlackBerry(R) customers within Tru


- Our bundles include Euro minutes that work in 30 countries


- Elsewhere you still make savings averaging 30%


Local numbers for Tru Countries

- Tru is the only mobile operator to offer multiple mobile numbers on a
single phone. Users can add local numbers for any or all of the Tru network
countries. Contacts abroad can reach you without having to foot international
call charges (whether you're at home or abroad) so business conversations are
never cut short. All numbers are always active and Tru's Smart Caller ID
cleverly presents the number that's local to the person being called.

Tru - New Pricing

                       (Mins)   (MB)       SMS    (Mins)
    Essential  GBP20*  100      100        0      50        Includes 2
                                                            numbers- a UK
    Elite 500  GBP50*  500      500        500    100       number plus an
    Elite      GBP80*  1,000    1 GB       1,000  200       additional
    1,000                                                   number for an
    Elite      GBP140* 2,000    2 GB       2,000  500       alternative Tru
    2,000                                                   country

Tru customers are also able to buy additional data bundles usable across
the entire Tru Network, as well as European voice minutes spanning 30
countries. For more information on Tru's business services, visit

Tru for Business Elite packages are also available with BlackBerry(R).
Both BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES) and the BlackBerry Internet Service
(BIS) are available to customers.

About Tru

Tru is the world's first intelligent global mobile operator and operates
in over 220 countries worldwide, helping people and businesses around stay in
touch. We provide communications services that save them money and simplify
their lives.

Founded in 2006, the company uses innovation to drive convenience up and
costs down. The company's flagship GSM service, Tru, helps international
business by charging local rates instead of roaming rates, and low cost
international calls, in a growing number of countries throughout the world.

In Tru countries, (currently the UK, US and Australia - with three more
planned for 2011), users can choose to have an extra local phone number -
allowing customers and contacts to reach each other without footing the bill
of high international call charges which makes them easier for local people
to contact, no matter where they are.

The company is also a pioneer in the mobile VoIP space. It launched the
first downloadable mobile VoIP app for Nokia in 2006 and has since been the
first on the iPhone, iPod and iPad devices. Tru supports all leading mobile
platforms and devices including Blackberry, iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, Nokia E
and N series, and Android.

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