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By Saxo Bank, PRNE
Tuesday, May 24, 2011

HELLERUP, Denmark, May 25, 2011 -

- In a Board Meeting Held Today the Board of Directors in A/S Decided to Strengthen the Management of the Company by
Appointing a New CEO of

- Strengthening the Management in A/S

In a Board meeting today the Board of Directors in Euroinvestor decided
to strengthen the management of the company by appointing Jeff Saul as new
CEO in A/S. Jeff Saul will take up this new position on 15
June 2011

Since February 2009, Jeff Saul has been Head of Group Equities in Saxo
Bank A/S and in March 2009 became a member of the Board of Directors in A/S, and thus has a thorough knowledge of both Euroinvestor
and Saxo Bank. Amongst others, Jeff has been responsible for Saxo Bank's
investment in A/S and for the development of Saxo Bank's
recently launched and strongly improved platform for equity trading and
equity analysis. He also drove the development of "MSN Trader powered by Saxo
Bank" in association with Microsoft. Jeff Saul has worked in the financial
sector since 1986 focusing on equities, thereof seven years in London.

The Board of Directors expects that the appointment of Jeff Saul will
strengthen the Company's international strategy by building a global network
of investors and growing the possibilities for expanding Euroinvestor's
activities on a global level, through partnerships as well as through
independent outlets.

It is the goal to both sustain and expand Euroinvestor's position as the
leading investor portal in the Danish market. This will be realized through a
strong cooperation with the users who focus on operational reliability, tools
and services.

The Board of Directors is convinced that a closer cooperation with Saxo
Bank will accelerate Euroinvestor's completion of its international growth
strategy as well as faster product development. With the new appointment,
Euroinvestor will benefit from Saxo Bank's experience with an international
growth strategy as well as from its international platform, offering clients
the possibility of trading equities and other asset classes on 23 exchanges
in the world, serving clients in more than 160 countries.

The current CEO Jens Alminde will continue his engagement in the Company
and will focus on further developing the Danish business, including the
Company's 50.2% stake in subsidiary Boliga A/S.

It is expected that within the next few days the company will summon an
extraordinary general meeting where the new majority shareholder of the
company, Saxo Bank will nominate new candidates strengthening the Board of
Directors of the Company.

Saxo Bank announced on 4 April that they had increased their ownership in
Euroinvestor from 40% to 69% and they have therefore presented a takeover
offer for the remaining part of the share capital at a price of DKK 15 per
share. The offer expires on 30 May 2011. Reference is made to
"Tilbudsdokument af 2. maj" for further details about the takeover offer as
well as Saxo Banks intentions with A/S.

Chairman of the Board Soren Alminde says; "I view the appointment of Jeff
as the right move in terms of strengthening the implementation of the
company's international strategy. There are significant synergies in the
collaboration between the Company and Saxo Bank on a global level and with
Jeff Saul as new CEO we expect to be able to maximize and accelerate the
cooperation and the growth of the company benefitting all shareholders. That
we have been able to attract Saxo Bank's global Head of Group Equities shows
that Saxo Bank are serious when they say they will transform
to a global leading investor portal. As founders of Euroinvestor this has
always been dream of both me and my brother and that is why we continue to
own 22% of the Company."

Jeff Saul says; "I am looking forward to take on the role as CEO of A/S as I see significant global opportunities for growth in
the company. In my present position at Saxo Bank I have contact with other
media companies and financial corporations in the world. This is at the core
of Saxo Bank's business model and I expect to benefit from
this network."

About Euroinvestor

Euroinvestor is among the leading investor portals in Scandinavia.
Euroinvestor owns and run investor portals in Denmark, Norway, Sweden,
France, the Netherlands, Italy, Spain and the UK. Additionally Euroinvestor
owns 50.2% of Boliga which is the largest portal for real estate in

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